Top 10 Consumer Electronics Companies in the World 2018

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2. Samsung

Samsung is a South-Korean company founded in 1938 but was actually meant to be a trading company.

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Now, it has many subsidiaries across the globe and is one of the biggest in terms of sales of the phones and smartphones across the globe. The marketing of the company is the best across the globe in terms of what is considered as the phones segment.

The acquisition of Hanguk Jeonja Tongsan- a telecommunications giant proved to be a strategic decision in its growth. This company is also into fire and marine insurance, life insurance, heavy industries. The major landmark reached by this company was when it became the biggest producer of microchips instead of outsourcing it to others. Later it produced the first Liquid Crystal Display screen and this revolutionized the television segment across the globe. It gained popularity from this step and innovation, and became one of the leading consumer electronics brands. From then on the product development was given much more importance and later very sleek models of television sets were released by the company. This is one company that relied only on innovation and research and became a global player.

Sales revenue (USD Bn)- 211.8

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