Top 10 Public Sector (PSU) Companies in India 2018

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This is a government company and the main activity of this company is generation of electricity.

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Based out of Delhi, the company generates electricity, ensure distribution pan-India and then sells it to the government. It is also involved in activities like consultancy, project management, operation and management of plants.

This company has 16% of the total capacity but produces 25% of the total need because of operating efficiencies that it focuses on. It produces 25 billion units of electricity in a month. The government holds approximately 65% of the total stake in this company. It also occupied the 300th position in the Forbes global list. The main joint venture of this company is with Ratnagiri gas and power private limited. Another way which it gets its revenues is through the hydro-electric power plants. The goal of the company is to become a 128000 MW company at least by 2032. The target is to now add around 14058 MW in its next plan. The turning points for this company came when it signed up with Sri Lanka and Ceylon electricity board for the setting up of a plant on their land so as to increase another 500 MW. another major MOU was signed with Japan which will enable the company to establish an alliance for the flow of information in these areas. These major steps along with a few more will catapult the company into a different growth trajectory.

Revenues (INR Cr): 83819

Profits (INR Cr.): 10719

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