Top 10 Sports Brands in the World 2018

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Nike is the world’s leading sports good manufacturer, distributor and marketeer in the world.

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With more than 70,000 employees all over the world, Nike is the biggest maker of sports shoes, apparels, sports equipment and much more. Apart from its product business, the brand “Nike” is one of the biggest brands in the world owing to its excellent marketing and top of the mind brand recall.


The company was formed in the year 1964, and it has gone on to become one of the biggest companies in the world. Over the years Nike has made some big acquisitions which has strengthened its position in the global sports market. Nike has a strong focus on marketing and branding, and has several brand ambassadors across various sports. Nike has sponsored football stars like Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney etc. Basketball star Michael Jordan has an entire line of shoes dedicated to him by Nike. In cricket too, Nike has associated itself with the Indian cricket team owing to huge popularity in India.

Revenue ($ Bn): 110.3

Rank Methodology:

1.The leading sports brands are considered for analysis.

2.Latest revenues for the companies are taken.

3.The brands are ranked on the basis of their revenues.

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