Blue Star Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of Blue Star which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Blue Star Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Blue Star marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Blue Star is one of the leading consumer electronics brands specializing in Air conditioners. In the field of cooling section of electronic products Blue Star has a diverse product portfolio in its marketing mix. The main products offered by Blue Star are Room A.C (Inverter A.C., Split A.C. and Window A.C.), water purifiers (Stella – RO + UV + Hot + Cold water purifier, Prisma, Edge, Majesto, Pristina), Air purifiers, Air coolers (Desert air cooler, Tower air cooler, Portable air cooler, Compact desert air cooler), water coolers (WC with inbuilt Aquaguard UV purification, WC with inbuilt Aquaguard RO purification, Central Air conditioning (VRF system, Ducted system, Chillers), commercial refrigeration (freezers, coolers, water bottled dispensers, kitchen refrigeration products, medical refrigeration products, ICE machines), cold storages ( modular cold rooms, banana ripening cold rooms, refrigeration units, PUF insulated panels) and there are also some of the special products like mortuary chambers and hot water generator. Among these products almost one third of the revenues is from Blue Star air conditioners out of which almost half of it is sold in small towns of India.

With A.C. and commercial cooling system Blue Star covers almost 12.5% of the market share. They aim with the product strategy to come up with new innovations in the cooling section and cover almost all different segments of customer with different profession. With a high R&D Blue Star offers a wide variety of engineered products and all of them are energy efficient which helps them selling in small towns where power cut off happens regularly.

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Blue Star Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Blue Star marketing strategy:

Blue Star has a diverse product range & hence a differential pricing. If we look at the price of Blue Star products, they are little higher than average cost of products and a little less than premium products.

Blue Star prefers to follow the competitive strategy in its marketing mix but it doesn’t compensate with its quality of product. With a little high price of products Blue Star assure the value return of the products. While penetrating in the small towns and rural areas Blue Star has also come up with new products which are slightly cheaper, with a little cost range they are able to penetrate further into the market. In the coming years it is predicted that competition is gonna be multiplying to its current form and then it will be more difficult to retain customers especially in the rural areas and small towns where almost 52% of the major revenue products like air conditioner and commercial cooling system of Blue Star are sold. So Blue Star is aiming to lower down its product prices by cutting down the operational cost but maintaining the quality of products.

Blue Star Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Blue Star marketing mix:

With a huge Global network with 35 offices, 5 manufacturing facilities equipped with latest and modern technology and more than 2000 dealer Blue Star is the market leader in the cooling industry. Not only India Blue Star is ruling in middle-east from almost 20 years with its consistent services Blue Star treats its vendors as the business partner of the firm which help them in providing end to end solution and keep the relation lasting for a longer time. To keep its supply chain consistently working efficiently Blue Star pay attention to responsiveness and efficiency of all the aspects of Blue Star. For the complex product like packaged air conditioners and cold rooms there are around 200 dealers who directly interact with the company and provide all round the service from installation to maintenance.

While for the easier products like air conditioners there are 600 dealers effectively working all parts of the country.

Blue Star Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Blue Star marketing strategy is as follows:

Blue Star increases its product awareness by both traditional methods like printing in newspaper, magazines, hoardings, TV advertisements and also through digital methods like launching videos on social media sites for promotion of new products, launching online campaigns etc. Along with these to maintain its strong dealer network Blue Star keeps coming up with different new profitable schemes for dealers in which they themselves have margin for dealers, sub-dealers and retailers which itself increases the number of sales. One more way of Blue Star to increase visibility of products is by quickly incorporating the different facilities, features and services customers are looking in their products and from the company. Hence, this completes the marketing mix of Blue Star.

About Blue Star:

Blue Star which was founded in 1943 is currently one of the India’s largest company in the cooling section of electronic products. With a vision of delivering world class products Blue Star fulfils the cooling requirement of various customers commercially and residentially in all parts of our country. These include various government institutions, industry sectors, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, banks, retail shops, shopping malls. Along with these air conditioners Blue Star has recently launched a water purifier in the residential houses along with air cleaner and cooler. It has also started offering services in the various industrial projects related to electrical and fire department. In its whole business model Blue Star covers all the steps starting from design, manufacturing, installation and services of its cooling products.

Blue Star maintain its quality of products in the different manufacturing places in India like Dadra, Ahmedabad by using latest modern technology an equipment. In its all long journey Blue Star is known to be as ethical organization who follows the customer oriented policy and make sure its services are fulfilled for all its customers making a sustainable environment for its firm.

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