Huggies Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of Huggies which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Huggies Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Huggies marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Huggies is a leading childcare brand specializing in diapers & baby wipes. Some of the products in its marketing mix include:

i. ‘Little Snugglers’ which provide gentle care and are specially designed for new-born babies.

ii. ‘Little Movers’ for active babies that keep the diaper in place during active play and provide a comfortable fit

iii. ‘Overnites’ that keep the baby dry and comfortable for upto 12 hours during the night.

iv. ‘Little Swimmers’ that the baby can wear in a pool during water play

v. ‘Huggies Natural Care’ which are baby wipes that provide a gentle clean for the baby’s soft and delicate skin.

In India, the market share of Huggies in the diaper market is the second largest after Procter and Gamble’s Pampers.



Huggies Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Huggies marketing strategy:

When Huggies was newly introduced in the market, the diapers were sold at a much cheaper rate as compared to the actual market price to gain a competitive advantage over other brands that already had a strong hold in the market. Thus they focus on competitive pricing strategy in its marketing mix.

Once, the brand successfully established its place in the market, it priced its products at par with the competing brands as after conducting a thorough market research, Huggies found that consumers were willing to invest money on such baby products to get quality products in return. Hence, Huggies products are priced more or less the same as other products in the same market, however, they are not premium products and offer rational and fairly affordable prices to the customers. In India, the most expensive product is priced at Rs.625 and the least expensive at Rs.140. They also offer special discounts from time to time so that the consumers can have the benefit of getting the products at a lower price than usual.

Huggies Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Huggies marketing mix:

Huggies is a global diaper brand and their products are sold all over the world. It has a strong distribution network in several countries around the world including India, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, Brazil, North America as well as the United Kingdom. Huggies products can be found in various departmental stores, medical stores, malls and supermarkets in most of the countries. Products are also purchased on a daily basis from their online website, which provides special discounted codes and coupons from time to time. They also have tie-ups with other e-commerce platforms that sell their products online.

For example, in India Huggies products can also be found on,, etc.

Huggies Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Huggies marketing strategy is as follows:

Huggies has undertaken a very unique promotional strategy to establish its brand in the market. Before Huggies was introduced, the market leader was Procter and Gamble’s product called Pampers. They controlled over 80% of the market. Kimberly-Clark noticed that most hospitals gave Pampers to the parents of the newborns and these parents continued to use the same brand for life. So Huggies started aggressively promoting its brand and sold to the hospitals at a cost lower than the market price so that they would purchase Huggies over Pampers. This strategy proved to be successful. Huggies also heavily promote their brand on social media. In 2015, Huggies launched a campaign called “No baby Unhugged”. This campaign explained the benefits that a single hug can have on a newborn. It encouraged hospitals to have hugging volunteers for when the parents of the baby could not be around to do the job. Huggies also came out with a special product called ‘Little Snugglers’ for babies who are born premature and are too delicate to be hugged. The only clothing that could touch their skin could be a diaper. Each and every piece is hand inspected and the product is therefore positioned just as caring and nurturing as a hug. Huggies also engages in celebrity endorsements, for example, Michael Phelps is partnering with Huggies for a campaign called #Trainingfor2032 to promote their ‘Little Swimmers’ disposal swimpants. Apart from all this, they also promote their products through television advertisements and their website. This concludes the marketing mix of Huggies.

About Huggies:

Huggies is a personal care brand, manufacturing products for babies specializing in disposable diapers, training pants and baby wipes.

It was introduced by Kimberly-Clark in the year 1978. It is one of the most preferred baby product brand as far as it comes to diapers as it keeps the baby dry and protected, does not cause any rashes, ensures zero leakage and is gentle against the sensitive skin of the babies.

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