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Yippie Noodles Marketing Mix (4Ps) & Marketing Strategy

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Here is the marketing strategy of Yippie Noodles which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Yippie Noodles Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Yippie Noodles marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Yippie Noodles is a popular ready-to-cook noodles brand, which is available in many flavors. A packet of instant Yippie noodle comprises of a noodle cake and a masala pouch. The product strategy in its marketing mix is to offer instant noodles which are ready to eat after simply adding hot water.To prepare a meal one has to boil some water, pour the masala and then submerge the rectangular noodle cake. The noodle cake being rectangular, it needs to be broken, this has been a trend since Maggi first advertised it this way. But Yippie innovated this product by offering a circular cake, that has been the point of difference for the brand. The Noodle cake is made of wheat and the masala is made from various vegetable ingredients and household masalas. One other USP of the product is that even 30 minutes after preparing the noodle the meal does not turn into lumps. It remains as slurpy as it is supposed to be. Yippie noodle comes in a number of varieties, to name a few – Classic Masala and Magic Masala.

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Yippie Noodles Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Yippie Noodles marketing mix strategy:

Yippie is sold in a highly competitive market where sales of the product have a deep relationship with the pricing. Hence, a company like Yippie has to practice predatorial pricing strategy in its marketing mix which offers cut throat competition to other brands and further digs into the competitor’s market share.

Yippie noodle yearns to steal market share from competitors and to achieve this they have managed to reduce their price to the minimal. A Rs.10 packet of Sunfeast Yippie Noodle can serve a single person for one meal. This offers a great value for the price a customer has to pay.

Yippie Noodles Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Yippie Noodles marketing mix:

Sunfeast Yippie Noodle is available at every regular vendor in an urban locality. As the brand is looking at digging deeper into the rural market as well, it has spent heavily on distribution in the last couple of years to build a strong network of stockholders across India. It is extremely important for the brand to maintain its presence in every area where the competitor is present currently.

Occupying some space on the same shelf as competitors (Maggi, Knorr, etc) have occupied, is basically the core of Yippie’s strategy.

Yippie Noodles Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Yippie Noodles marketing mix is as follows:

Yippie Initially promoted its products by using the strategy of offering different types of masala. Maggi initially only came with a single offering, and that is when Yippie marketed itself as a brand that offers variety. Yippie marketed itself on the basis of its functionality of non-deteriorating taste and experience of eating it. Yippie uses all the conventional means of marketing itself like TV commercials, Outdoors, digital, etc. The point of every promotion is to compete with the big brother Maggi. Hence this concludes the marketing mix of Yippie noodles brand.

About Yippie Noodles:

Yippie Noodles is one of many products that falls under the umbrella of Sunfeast Brand which further falls under ITC Limited banner. Yippie Noodles is a direct competitor to a number of instant noodle brands that cater to a majority of population in India. Instant noodles were first fashioned by Maggi, which made the penetration of this food item deeper in every market in India.

Instant noodles see no differences in the society and irrespective of social gaps they cater to a huge consumer base with low pricing. Yippie noodles have served the purpose of portfolio expansion for ITC limited and has built a good competition for Maggi noodles.

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