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TRESemmé Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of TRESemmé which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

TRESemmé Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in TRESemmé marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

TRESemmé is one of the most prominent hair care brands in the world. TRESemmé addresses the never-ending issue of hair fall and gives the customers a salon styled look. The products are free from harmful chemicals which influences the customers to opt for its products. With time the younger segment of the population has become aware about their wellbeing and health. With hair being one of the essential elements in looking good youngsters are putting in more effort to find the right product for themselves. By catering to this need of the customers TRESemmé has captured a significant part of the market share and has positioned itself as a solution provider to hair fall issues. In spite of the fact that the organization hasn't gone past the hair products to fabricate products for other body parts, it has one of the most astounding quantities of hair product in India. It is most likely this specialization that has empowered it to create a specialty for itself in the hair care segment globally.

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TRESemmé Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in TRESemmé marketing strategy:

TRESemmé has a competitive pricing for its mainstream products. Since the ingredients used in production of the product in of premium quality and given the fact that there are no other substitutes which are able to provide a better hair care solution to address the issue of hair fall, TRESemmé products are priced above the average price.

In comparison with other countries the pricing is higher due to the difference in the tax rates. The company also believes that the since the product quality is premium and it is able to address a huge issue such as hair fall, they can charge a price which is a little higher than its competitors in the market. The cost isn't an issue for the customers as the target customers for TRESemmé belong to the upper middle class.

TRESemmé Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the TRESemmé marketing mix:

TRESemmé takes pride in being a premium hair care product and wants to expand its customer reach. In order to that it has made sure that its products are available are most of the locations such as Mom-and-Pop stores and vast retail locations, for example, Reliance, Big Bazaar and DMart stock the item. TRESemmé likewise has diverse distribution channels that incorporate wholesalers and salon specialists who are used to create awareness among the customers. It has also partnered with several e-commerce websites to make its products available to the customers.

It also has its own website from where the customers can make the purchase.

TRESemmé Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the TRESemmé marketing strategy is as follows:

TRESemmé believes in creating thoughtful and unique advertisements to make the masses aware about its line of products. For this reason, it has developed several ads which shows the advantage of using its products. The company has an exceptionally detailed promotional plan that includes the utilization of specialists to advance the products all over India. The company gives retailers significant discounts that have made them like stocking up TRESemmé items. Ads are routinely and every now and again done on TV, Pop shows and influences, on print media, PR exercises. The fundamental limited time highlight however is the way that the TRESemmé items have situated themselves as quality items that ensure their clients a can maintain a styled appearance thus any individual who has used it before will definitely need to use it again on the off chance that they can manage the cost of it. The professional working at the salons also acts as an agent in increasing the awareness about the product and recommending it their clients. This completes the TRESemmé marketing mix.

About TRESemmé:

TRESemmé was founded in 1947 in Missouri and was later acquired by Unilever in 2010. A lot of other products were added to the chain at a later stage.

TRESemmé has positioned itself as a best hair-care brand in the industry. The major reason being the combination of its manufacturing process and the efficiency of the product which satisfies the expectations of the customers.

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