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BT Group Marketing Mix (4Ps) & Marketing Strategy

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Here is the marketing strategy of BT Group which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

BT Group Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in BT Group marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

British Telecomm is known for its quality products and services. Once upon a time, BT was occupying a dominant role in the UK market place as they were they only trader. With time, British telecommunication has diversified its product line ranging from consumer goods and services through the blend of old and new technologies. These generally include Mobile telephone, Landline telephone, communication through fibre optics, digital television and IT services.  British Telecommunication have also ventured into the business of consultancy and business solution in order to capture different markets. British telecomm has always identified the opportunities and enjoyed first mover advantage. They quickly adapted with the changing technology such as introducing internet connection by using dial up connections and later on with broadband. This covers the British Telecommunication (BT) marketing mix product strategy.

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BT Group Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in BT Group marketing mix strategy:

British Telecommunication (BT) is one of the leading telecom brands worldwide. Products and services are price sensitive when it comes to telecommunication industry.

There are numerous competitors that can take away your customer base through unique pricing strategies. For most of it services, BT comes with bundle pricing in its marketing mix. Let us take the case of business broadband and internets of BT. They have various offers depending upon the utility rate of customers. One thing to be noted is that with time, they have always cut down the cost of products and services. It is because; the competitors did the same thing. Thus, it is viable to say they follow competitive based pricing strategy.

BT Group Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the BT Group marketing mix:

Distribution channel becomes vital within the communication market when you are analyzing the present and future trends. For a company to be successful, it has to look for solutions based on market and customers requirements. British Telecommunication understood this from the beginning and worked very diligently to avoid any channel conflicts. They have used different distribution channels for different products and services. They often use direct mode of communication such as sending emails, sending posts, door to door sales and through leaflets. They target their customers through their websites.

They also have open reach subsidiary that connects the services of BT with the homes and businesses in United Kingdom.

BT Group Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the BT Group marketing mix is as follows:

British telecomm has been in this industry for quite a long time. It has understood the importance of advertisements and promotions while working in the telecomm service industry. British Telecommunication uses the same tactics of advertisements same as Virgin Media. They actively promote though televisions, Radio, Billboards and Internet. They do not have any shops where they can directly advertise. They also have their own websites that is used as a mode of promotions. Billboards are used by BT to promote their products and services. They also give discounts and offers to attract and retain customers such discount offers, buy one get on free. Sponsorship is the other of promotion that is widely used by British Telecommunication. They have sponsored music concerts at Hyde Park, rugby teams and Olympics 2012. Last but not the least, social media platform such as facebook and twitter where British Telecommunication conducts competitions and customer feedbacks.

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of British Telecommunication (BT).


British telecommunication has it’s headquarter in City of London and most of the operation takes place from it. The process setup by BT is very easy and easily accessible by the customers. They do provide customer support number for any kind of assistance and can be reached from any part of the world. It is because of the customer friendly, speed and accuracy of the service makes it number one choice for the customers.


In service industry, high level of interaction takes place between people. BT has efficiently used its resources efficiently to satisfy customers. They always provide training at its staff and agent level both, to make them equipped with new technology and processes. For its employees, they do provide incentives at regular intervals to keep them motivated.

Physical Evidence:

British Telecommunication has operations in more than 180 countries. The company has stores spread across various locations. They also come up with punch lines that attract customers to its services and products. They always come up with financial reports annually and quarterly. Hence, this covers the marketing mix of British Telecommunication (BT).

About BT Group:

British telecommunication Plc which is under BT group Plc is a multinational firm that provides telecommunication services. It’s headquarter is London, United Kingdom. It was founded in the year 1969 and has expanded its goods and services worldwide. Within the span of 47 years, it has increased its operation around 180 countries. It has more than 1, 02,000 employees working under the same umbrella. It has many subsidiaries such as BT consumer division serves services such as television, broadband and telephone services.

Another subsidiary includes Global services that provide telecommunication services to customers. British Telecommunication is listed in London stock exchange and also listed in New York stock exchange.

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