Jardine Matheson Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of Jardine Matheson which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Jardine Matheson Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Jardine Matheson marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Jardine Matheson owns a number of companies across a number of sectors. Its service & product offers in its marketing mix are in construction, engineering, mining, retail, finance and hospitality. Mandarin Oriental hotels is a five-star luxury hotels chain which operates in 21 countries. Jarden Lloyd Thompson is one of world’s leading insurance, brokerage, reinsurance and related services provider. Dairy Farm is a leading Asian retailer spread out in four divisions namely health, beauty, home furnishings and restaurants.

Jardine Matheson’s Astra International works through seven business sectors namely heavy equipment, mining, IT, infrastructure, finance, property and automotive. Its Hongkong Land group is a property management and development group which is into construction of high-end residential and commercial complexes. Jardine Motors group specializes in sales and service of vehicles in three countries and south China. Jardine Strategic and Jardine cycle and carriage are the other companies under the group.

Jardine Matheson Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Jardine Matheson marketing strategy:

Jardine Matheson’s subsidiaries are top companies and hence charge a high price for the services. One such example is the Mandarin Oriental hotels.

They are five-star hotels having all the luxuries and charge the top dollar for the hospitality services. Another example is Hongkong Land which specializes in high quality residential and commercial places thus being the price leader in that space. Jardine Matheson companies are price leaders in their respective categories and the clients because of their trust don’t mind paying the premium for the high-quality services.

Jardine Matheson Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Jardine Matheson marketing mix:

Jardine Matheson has its presence in more than 150 countries and employees 430000 people. The services that are provided are largely intangible in nature. These can be availed at their five-star hotels. They can be availed through their engineering solutions, retail outlets and financial consultants. Other way of availing the services is through their offices where a large number of deals are struck and projects are under way.

The website has been designed specifically to communicate the value of the services offered and the information which is relevant to the stakeholders has been put up and is updated.

Jardine Matheson Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Jardine Matheson marketing strategy is as follows:

Jardine Matheson owns a group of companies which are well known in their respective categories. Therefore, the company as such doesn’t promote through traditional channels like TV ads and radio. Neither does it appear to be promoting itself through magazines or newspapers. It does not have campaigns as there is no need to have them. The services Jardine Matheson offer through their subsidiaries are very well known and hence have an established market position where the clients are well aware of the services. They have a digital presence on handles like Twitter and Facebook. They have their website which gives all the relevant information regarding the services. The company also has its news-letters which can be subscribed by the people who want to know about the company on a monthly basis.

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Jardine Matheson.


Jardine Matheson employs 430000 people worldwide. These people are hired from top institutes and undergo a series of tough tests to get into the organization. After getting into the organization, their potential is tested every day because of the work they do. Therefore, the entire workforce of Jardine Matheson is extremely skilled and hardworking in their respective areas as without these to survive in this organization is difficult. They also undergo tough training regimes to make them more skilled in their jobs. Overall this makes the organization a treasure chest of the best in the business.


All the services of Jardine Matheson involve processes which are highly standardized to ensure the highest quality of results. For a company having a stature as great as Jardine all the minute parts which form the entire process should come together. These processes then come together to complete the project or the service promised. All the stakeholders are kept in the loop during the processes and their interests are the topmost priority. This along with the best personnel ensure quality of results. There are compromises and sacrifices made for this but at the end what matters most to the companies is the satisfaction of the clients which is achieved nevertheless.

Physical Evidence:

The physical evidence of the services offered by Jardine Matheson is of a great importance to the subsidiaries as that’s what attracts the clients and makes them come back. All the offices of the company are located in high-end commercial complexes. The interiors are highly professional and state of the art. The workforce is extremely skilled in their respective areas and therefore offer the topmost services. The website itself is so user friendly and informative that the potential clients start developing a trust in the business. All these factors form the physical evidence of the companies under Jardine Matheson. Hence this concludes the marketing mix of Jardine Matheson.

About Jardine Matheson:

Jardine Matheson is one of the oldest companies in the world. It was founded in 1832 by William Jardine and James Matheson in China. It operates majorly in China and southeast Asia but also provides services world-wide. It has 430000 employees across the various countries in which it operates and recorded a net revenue of 42 billion dollars in the year 2016 and is also one of the Fortune 500 companies.

Its subsidiaries are Dairy Farm, Hongkong Land, Jardine Motors, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Astra International, Jardine cycle, Jardine Strategic Holdings, Mandarin Oriental Hotels and Jardine Pacific. Thus, it is in fields like construction, engineering, automobiles, hotel business, finance and retail.

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