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Top Pringles Competitors & Similar Companies

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Pringles is an American potato chip brand owned by Kellogg's which is sold in over 140 countries. The brand was initially founded in 1967 and marketed by Procter and Gamble in the US but was later sold to Kellogg's in 2012. Pringles brand originated to address the consumer complaints about the quality of the chips and the presence of air in the bag.

In any business, there are several companies & brands which compete with each other by offering similar products & services.

For any company to thrive, it is not only important for them to improve their own products, but to also look at what their competitor is offering.

Below we look at the top 8 competitors of Pringles.

1. Lays:

The PepsiCo product of snacks segment food which is made up of potato. The fast food industry is growing at rate of 5% per year from last few years which is something that Lays has been driving on. After launching Lays in 1932, PepsiCo has acquired it, and since then it has become a strong global brand.

2. Doritos:

Doritos is a Tortila chip crisp offered by Frito -Lay a division of PepsiCo. It was especially created as a snack in 'Happiest Place on Earth', Disneyland, California as a byproduct of tortillas. Doritos is one of the dominant ready to eat snack item in global market.

3. Cheetos:

Cheetos is one of the biggest competitors of Pringles.

4. Nestle:

Nestle – largest food company in terms of revenue is based out of Vaud, Switzerland. It has a wide range of product line such baby foods, coffee, tea, dairy products, Maggi and many more. It has presence in 194 countries having approximate 450 factories with a head count of 339,000 people.

5. Kellogg's:

Kellogg's is a multinational food products company based in the United States. It is the largest cereal company in the world with sales of more than $14 billion. It is the second largest producer of cookies, savory snacks and crackers.

6. Danone:

DANONE, one of the world famous food product based company is based in Paris. It was founded in the year 1919, in Barcelona Spain. Currently, chairman of the board is Franck Riboud and chief executive officer is Emmanuel Faber.

7. General Mills:

General Mills is an American multinational company. It is one of the important marketer of branded consumer food articles under its own manufacturing. General Mills was founded on the 20th of June, 1856 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

8. Del Monte:

The Del Monte, formally known as Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc, has been a synonym for premium quality processed food since its debut in 1886. For generations, the company has committed to the quality and earned a global reputation. Del Monte has its headquarters at California, United States and had net revenue of 4 Billion.

To conclude, the above article highlights the various competitors which compete with Pringles. This understanding helps to evaluate the various external business factors for any company.

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