20 Minimalist Ads – Less is More

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The purpose of ad campaigns is to communicate the correct value proposition and core benefit of the product to a customer. Companies spend billions of dollars in making the perfect advertisement for their brand. Brands are promoted through TVCs, online ads, print ads, OOH etc. But sometimes all it takes is a simple yet brilliant concept to showcase the product through simple, fun and dazzling ways.

Here are 20 such brilliant ads which have a minimal communication but say a thousand words.

1. Levis Slim Jeans

Jeans brand “Levis’” came up with an extraordinary ad campaign for its ‘Slim Jeans’ variety. The ads show characters in thin lines apparently ‘wearing’ the Levi’s slim fit jeans! Can’t get slimmer than this!

2. Olay


Cosmetic brand “Olay” has beautifully showcased a clean pristine spotless white background and used keyboard keys. Ctrl+Z on a keyboard is for the “undo” instruction. Olay helps you reverse your age and leave you as perfect and glowing as before.

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