Meaning of Logos of Different Brands

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Because every single time when we see a picture we try to associate it with some other things (human mind works this way only) successful marketers come up with logo so that when we see the logo we are reminded of the brand and the values that it promises to deliver. It enhances a company’s perspectives to get brand recognition, logos also translate in a subtle manner the mission and vision of the company. So here is a list of ten brand logos and the meaning behind.



This Tata logo is used by over 100 operating companies of Tata Group in more than 80 countries. Founded long back in 1868 this multinational conglomerate encompasses seven business sectors: energy , chemicals, communications and IT, engineering, consumer products, services and materials.

The logo was created by a London based famous brand consultancy firm Wolff Olins. This logo came out when in 1998 the company went through a re-branding phase to review the business.

The Tata logo stands for fluidity and its blue color represents prosperity, reliability and strength. The symbol is also said to signify a fountain where knowledge comes from, or such a tree under which shelter is provided to people.

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