Glocalization Examples - Adapting Locally

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In simple words, it is adapting a global product or service to a local market but keeping in mind the taste or preferences of the local customer. Below are few examples which highlight the actual examples of Glocalization used by various companies in different geographies.

1. McDonalds – McArabia Chicken & McAloo Tikki India


McDonalds is a fast food giant that serves 68 million customers in 119 countries. It can imagined how culture differs from one country to another and food is a part of that culture. The geographic location, the environment, the ecosystem where we are in influences us and the way we see things and perceive it. Our culture is determined by that. In the Arab countries for instance McDonalds offered McArabia Chicken, it’s one of a kind pita sandwich with two grilled chicken/beef patties, onion, tomato, lettuce and garlic sauce.

It is evident here that it’s not the typical burger we would expect when we order at a McDonald counter in USA or UK for that matter. Pita/Arabic bread is most preferred in the Arab countries and hence McDonald glocalised its product offering to cater to the people’s culture in the Arab countries.

Non Veg is most preferred in these countries and hence we can see that rather than a traditional one grilled chicken there are two grilled chicken. Also Arabs consume a lot of spices in their diet. McArabia has spices added to it.

Similarly, McAloo Tikki was introduced in India to target the vegetarian population in India.

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