11 signs that show you are an MBA

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Do you think MBA students or grads have different habits or ways to do things ? Here are 11 signs that show these special traits of MBAs :P

1. Deadline of 11:59:59 pm


The deadline for submission of assignment at 11:59:59 pm has so much so imbibed in your mind & heart that when a professor sets any other deadline (say for example 5:00 pm), either you request him to postpone the deadline or think that this guy is new to B-school culture. ;)

Most of the other activities like playing games, watching movies or TV come to the halt when the so dreaded deadline approaches, chaos suddenly appears like a spirit, lot of mechanical sound comes out of the laptops, cues are taken from other groups, last minute brushing up happens & assignment is submitted. Everyone in the room take a sigh of relief & pledges that next time onwards our submission would be the best. But morning onwards, everyone is busy in their own important schedules & says let’s do the assignment tomorrow because there is time left in deadline, but tomorrow never comes. :D :P ;)

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