10 Amazing Product Ideas

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Many a times we come across products that may be simple or complicated but they are amazing. We have a list of 10 such amazing products.

The products in this list are not only amazing but many of them have changed many lives for good with just a simple idea.

If you know any similar amazing products leave a comment below.


1) Solar Bottle lamps


Who says that investment of millions of dollars in R&D will promote innovations? Most innovations can be found at bottom of pyramid, created to fulfill the needs of millions of poor, who do not have access to basic commodities (a luxury for them) of life.

Solar bottle lamps are created by Alfredo Moser in Brazil to address needs of slum people who do not have access to either sunlight or electricity. This is further adopted by MIT students to expand the product to globe’s poor.

Bottles, filled with water, are inserted on roofs – half inside & half outside. Their lower portion refracts lights like a 50 watt electricity bulb but without power. Few drops of algae killing bleach are added to keep water germ free & clean for a long time.

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