Accidental Entrepreneurs Who Made Some Fascinating Products by Mistake

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We have been surrounded by some amazing innovations created by some of the greatest minds to have been born in the world. Inventors have put in years of hard work, dedication and lots of sacrifices. But there have been a few occasions where big companies & innovations have happened by a sheer coincidence or accidents! Here are some of the famous accidental entrepreneurs.

John S.Pemberton – Coca Cola

That mandatory fizzy drink with every burger was actually an accident? It’s hard to believe. And that small accident gave birth to today’s billion dollar giant Coca Cola. John Stith Pemberton was a Lieutenant in the Battle of Columbus, when he got wounded and had to resort to morphine for a pain killer. However while searching for an alternative, one day the base syrup got blended with carbonated water accidentally to give a solution that made an alliterative sound. Hence it was registered as Coca Cola. Pemberton decided to sell it as a fountain drink instead of as a medicine. Soon Coca Cola hit the markets and became an instant hit. Later John sold his rights to his partners and till date, Coca Cola continues to grow worldwide. Even today, Coca Cola loves to tell tales of how its “secret recipe” got discovered.

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