How to make a great PPT for Business

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PPTs are an integral part of business these days, whether you are working in any sector or still in your B-school or college. You need Power Point Presentations's right from your college assignment to your job. You may have to present it to a single stakeholder or to an auditorium full with audience. There is no right or wrong way to make a PPT but there are few points which we can keep in mind while making PPTs. Here are few points you can keep in mind while making your next PPT great.

1) Basics of creating outstanding slides


Slides should have a proper Title, Kicker (main message of the slide) and Body part.  Titles help us to locate where we are situated in the presentation flow. Titles should be named effectively such that just by reading titles of slides- anyone can figure out the entire flow of presentation. Titles should ideally never exceed more than one line. Titles should follow the same design pattern, font type, font size across the entire presentation.  Kickers give us the key messages in each slide. While writing kickers- don’t describe what is explained by graphics, emphasize mainly on the key message which we want our audience to get from the slide. Body text is that larger portion of slide which helps us to tell complex and detailed story in a simple, understandable way. Always prefer bullet points. Make 3-4 logical statements only. Don’t fill up the entire space with text. It’s definitely okay to leave some blank space on slide.

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