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Humble Bundles

Launched: 2010

Founders: Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games.

The Humble Bundles are a series of collections ("bundles") of digital creations that are sold-out and distributed on-line at a value determined by the buyer. The bundles are usually offered on a semi-regular basis throughout a two-week period; sales typically embrace bonus games or media offered midweek through the sale for those who have already purchased the bundle or otherwise pay the common fare.

In the initial planning stage bundles featured developed, many multi-platform games that includes UNIX platforms, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X provided while not digital rights management (DRM). Then after bundles have self-enclosed them and made contacts with many established game developers, they developed games for Android devices, bundles that help in maintaining game jams, and in all the cases, a bundle consisting of thought titles from a major publisher. The revenues generated are divided among the developers, and part of it also goes to charity and the remaining to bundle.

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