Top MBA Courses for Students and Professionals

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Strategy is becoming a much sought after and focused course in the business world. In today’s cutthroat market scenario, strategy is an essential management tool.

A strategy course trains candidates to see the organization as one entity, and to realize why and how a manager can bring a differentiation to the output of the whole company. Strategy helps in aligning the organization’s actions to guarantee long-term successful results. In addition, it considers a holistic outlook of the company and its operating industry in making business decisions. MBA graduates with a solid foundation in strategy are prized for their skill to take the business and profits forward and also to drive the company into diversified directions.

Various courses undertaken by students pursuing management in strategy are industry and environmental analysis, competitive advantage and internal analysis, organizational constitution, market progression and dynamics; in addition to specialized topics for particular industries, different geographic regions or phases of market development. Strategy draws upon industry as well as market fundamentals, and hence it is essential that a specialized strategy syllabus also includes a solid foundation in topics like money matters, accounting and bookkeeping, economics, sales and marketing, companies, and operations.

Harvard Business School holds the top position for Business Strategy management. The Wharton School, Graduate School of Business of Stanford University, and The Kellogg School of Management are the other top 3 US business schools that join Harvard in the recruiter’s top list.

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