Top MBA Careers for Students and Professionals

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Top MBA careers are one of the biggest reasons why individuals seek a program in business & management. A MBA program is one of the most sought after option people look at while building their career. An MBA gives a big boost to an individual's career, and opens various options in the field of business and management. Some of the most popular career options for MBA are consulting, marketing, brand management, banking, investment bankers, consultants and likewise. Here is a guide highlighting some of the top MBA career options.

let us have a quick look at the top MBA Career Options or fields which are most sought after :

1. Business Consulting 

2. Marketing Management 

3. IT Management

4. HR Manager

5. Investment Banking

6. Venture Capitalist

7. Brand Management

8. Financial Services (banking, risk, hedge funds etc)

9. Entrepreneurship

Let us read about them in detail.

Business Consulting

A business consultant job is to help clients solve their business problems.

Business Consultants interact directly with key stakeholders to design and implement business solutions that help clients increasing revenue, decrease costs and achieving operational efficiency.

Responsibilities of a Business Consultant include:

1 Facilitate and communicate with key stakeholders to understand their business
2 Evaluating competitors in the marketplace to better understand the business environment and create a competitive strategy for the client
3 Gathering requirements from stakeholders and potential users
4 Developing a detailed design of proposed solution which acts as a blue print. These designs generally include screen mock-ups, narratives and flowcharts
5 Ensure proper Communication of design to the project programmers or people responsible to implement the design to ensure full understanding
6 Ensuring thorough testing  on successful implementation of the design
7 Working in tandem with the client stakeholders to ensure timely roll-out of solution to the client
8 Ensuring handling of client and team situations professionally

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