Top 10 Bottled Water Companies in the World 2015

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3. Danone (Bonafont, Aqua, Evian)

Danone is a French multinational food-products corporation based in Paris.

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It has four business lines: Fresh Dairy products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition. In 2014, Fresh dairy products represent 52% of the group's total sales, Early Life Nutrition 21%, Waters 20% and Medical Nutrition 7%. Its two most popular water brands include Bonafont and Aqua.

BONAFONT, an international brand leader for bottled water is known for high quality standards and great taste. In the USA, BONAFONT water is bottled and distributed by Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water.In 1992, the Bonafont Company was founded by The Fontanet family in Toluca, Mexico, based on a Mexican investor project to develop the bottled water market. In 1994, to keep in line with the promotion of healthier water drinking habit, The Danone Group bought the Bonafont Company. Subsequently in 2001, The Bonafont brand, leader of the Mexican market in individual format, enters the Home & Office Delivery (HOD) business. Aqua is a brand of the Danone Group and is the number one mineral water brand in the world by sales volume. It is marketed in Indonesia, where it is number one producer of mineral water packaging in Indonesia.

In 1973, PT Aqua Golden Mississippi was first established by Mr.Tirto Utomoto, who pioneered the bottled water industry in Indonesia. In 1995, Aqua became the first manufacturer to implement a system of production line in Indonesia: a direct charge of the new bottles at the same time makes it more hygienic. On September 4, 1998, aqua and Danone signed an alliance that made Aqua Danone's largest manufacturer of bottled water in Indonesia in terms of volume. In 2009, to meet the demand of Indonesians who need to run a business in the distribution of aqua, aqua created the program Danone Aqua Home Services (AHS). In 2013, Aqua celebrated its 40th anniversary with the launch of a new logo. Aqua brand grew by 19% in 2014 in Indonesia, owing it to its advertisement campaign targeting the youth population.

Revenue from Bottled water : 4652.32 million dollars

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