Top 10 Bottled Water Companies in the World 2015

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2. Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co. Ltd

Wahaha brand is one of the most recognized bottled water in China.

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It is owned by the Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co. Ltd, essentially a privately owned group of companies which are the largest player in the beverage industry in China. Wahaha group was established by Mr. Zong Qing Hou. Wahaha brand water is available in a number of different products. The tag line of the brand is "Healthy Living, Healthy Water". In 1995, discussions began between Zong and Danone about a joint venture and an agreement was finally signed on 28 March 1996.

Wahaha natural mineral water comes from a single source located in the Changbai Mountain. The origins of the Wahaha group lies in the sales department of the District School Shangcheng Hangzhou, founded in 1987. The "Hangzhou nutritional Wahaha Food Factory" was created in 1989 in this school, to delve into the unexplored market of "liquid nutrient for the children ". The advertisement campaign for the brand was directed at the parents of single child, and was a runaway hit. Though there were thirty eight other producers of liquid nutrients in the market, this brand struck a special cord with the parents. Relying on reverse osmosis water treatment technology, the group claims that their water is undeniably pure devoid of any harmful bacteria, water impurities and harmful metals. Other branded products of Wahaha company include milk drinks (19%), soft drinks and bottled water(combined 43%), fruit juice (13%) and bottled tea(19%), porridges and its flagship yoghurt beverages (7%). Recently, in January 2015, the company met with claims of its water containing more than the permissible level of bacteria and yeast and being unfit for consumption by Beijing Bureau for Food and Drug Inspection.

Revenue from Bottled water: 5074 million dollars

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