Top 10 Banks in the World 2018

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The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China which also commonly famous as “ICBC”.

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The company is headquartered in the capital city, Beijing, China, and it is one of the biggest state-owned commercial banks of Republic of China, mainly noted as the “Big Four”. It ranked first in the Bankers’ Top 1000 and Forbes Global 2000 list of public companies in the world.


Initially, the bank was a local state-run bank established in 1984. The bank provides the services such as Finance and Insurance, Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Investment Banking, Global Wealth Management, private equity, etc. Most of the voting rights are held by the Government of China through Central Huijin Investment, Ministry of Finance and China Securities Finance. Other holders are Temasek holdings and NSSF. The company provides employment to 4,62,000 employees. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China raised around 14 billion USD in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and 5.1 billion USD in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The bank has acquired major stakes in the banks like the Standard Bank of Argentina. Majorly, the banks have provided loans to the industries like manufacturing, transportation, storage, Power and Gas, Property Development, Construction, etc. The bank follows the international standards of Environmental and Social for Financial Institutions. It is the first Chinese bank to adopt the Equator Principles. The bank follows the Six-Dimension model for CSR activities. The model covers the values such as Green Bank, Brand Builder, Value Creator, Creditworthy Bank, Harmonious Bank and Charity Bank.

Revenue (in Billions of USD): 107.76

Net Profit (in Billions of USD): 45.85

Assets (in Billions of USD): 4160.60

Ranking Methodology:

1. The top 20 banks in the world are considered for the ranking

2. Parameters like revenues, net profits and assets are considered and are given weightages of 0.5, 0.2 and 0.3 respectively

3. A consolidated score is calculated and the final ranks are evaluated.

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