Top 10 eCommerce Companies in the World 2018

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1. Amazon

Amazon is an US based ecommerce giant. It was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.


It is the number 1 ecommerce company in the world if measured in terms of Market capitalization and revenue. Jeff Bezos firstly started it as online bookstore and later they diversified to sell whole range of products, which has now become the world’s largest online shopping platform.

This can be found in company’s logo as well which has curved arrow shaped like smile representing from A to Z which suggests that company has every product from A to Z. Jeff Bezos initially named it as Cadabra, Inc but later it was named as Amazon which was the biggest river in the world and also Amazon was a place that was exotic and different. Amazon initially for almost 5 years did not make any profit due to its unusual business model. But Amazon survived and made first profit in the year 2001 that proved Bezos' unconventional business model could succeed. Amazon has nearly 3.5 Lakh employees and every employee works with a mindset that how they can create value for the customers. Due to such vision, Amazon was able to achieve $100 billion mark in annual revenues in the year 2015.Amazon has its presence in many countries and now investing huge amount of money to expand its operations in India as well. In year 2016, Jeff Bezos announced investment of $3 Billion in India. It announced to acquire Whole foods, a supermarket chain of 400 stores to strengthen its physical presence and to challenge Walmart’s supremacy in brick and mortar stores.

Revenues (B$): 108

Growth Rate: 19%

Ranking Methodology:

1. The leading ecommerce and online shopping brands are taken.

2. Parameters like revenues and growth are taken and given weightages of 90% and 10% respectively.

3. A final composite score is calculated and the rankings are derived.

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