Nescafe Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of Nescafe which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Nescafe Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Nescafe marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Nescafe have a huge set of products, which is mainly aimed to satisfy the customer taste buds. They make sure that each and every kind of coffee lover finds satisfaction after testing the coffee. Nescafe introduced various blends of coffee, which is their marketing mix products strategy. The demographic need of customers are also kept into consideration. The company provides various blends like Nescafe Original Blend, Gold Blend, Gold Blend Decafe, etc. The Decafe section also has a lot of types like Decafe, Half Café, etc.

The Cappuccino has various flavors like Unsweetened, Decaffeinated, Skinny, etc. to name among a few. There are expresso, green blend, Latte, Latte with various blends, Vanilla, Mocha, Irish Cream, etc. This is enough to show the product range of Nescafe. They cater to almost all kind of coffee lover and make sure that each and every type of coffee lover is satisfied with its products. Apart from coffee, the brand has also innovated & created 'contactless' coffee-making machines for its customers.

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Nescafe Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Nescafe marketing strategy:

Nescafe is one of the leading coffee brands in the world. The price of products are dependent on the quality of the material supplied by the company.

The marketing mix pricing strategy of Nescafe is dependent upon competitors and demand. The products are high in quality and they are significantly priced. But this has slowly made the customer base small and limited. The people decided to have these coffees and was a great a great success. There after we saw that Nescafe has made several changes in the portfolio and new products are in. This has increased the customer base, as people have a wide variety to choose from. The prices of the followings were adjusted accordingly. The volume offered to the customers were varied as was the price. This made it available to a wider set of customers as the products got pocket friendly. The sachets are available at a very low price. They are targeted to the customers who would prefer a single cup of coffee and at a cheap rate. The various flavors of Nescafe coffee are made available at various quantity and their prices also set according to the packing. With people staying at home during the pandemic, the product sales for instant coffee mix increased.

Nescafe Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Nescafe marketing mix:

The brand Nescafe has become a household name with respect to its growth. Nescafe makes sure that the people all around the world are happy to have their products. They know the demand of the products and they because of that make sure that they reach to the areas where they expect their target customers to be. Nescafe maintain a huge cycle of distribution and in the due course, with its increase in brand name the made themselves available in almost all the areas where their targeted customers are. The distribution is similar to any typical FMCG company. They follow the process of retailers who supply to the customer.

There are bulk buyers who supply Nescafe to the customers directly.

Nescafe Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Nescafe marketing strategy is as follows:

Nescafe emphasizes on the promotion of products in all different kinds of way. They make sure they have make all possible communication possible for the customers to know what the products are. Nescafe make the products advertise through radio, television, papers, PR activity, newspaper, internet, etc.  The brand has a huge fan following on social media, and it engages with its users via web videos campaigns & connects people globally. The company has made one thing sure that their logo remains the same since the origin. This in a way made the people recognize the logo and they could recognize the brand just by the logo, as the logo has been imprinted in the mind of the people. The advertisement of Nescafe also are innovative and make sure that they catch the attention of the customers and they kind of get attracted to the products. Online promotion, digital marketing and PR activity also enhances the connections with the customers and they get to know the products closely. This gives an overview of Nescafe marketing mix.

About Nescafe:

Nescafe is a brand of Nestle which is especially for the brand of instant coffee, and that the brand is world famous and is globally well known. Nescafe started around 1938. The main reason for starting this brand was because the brand Nestle was successful and the company wanted to infuse the milk making techniques into the coffee making ones. The designed soluble coffee which would mix readily with the milk. The company also wanted to help the Brazilian farmers. They wanted to prevent wastage of coffee which was produced in excess. They designed such a product that would easily mix with hot water to make delicious lip smacking coffee.

Slowly with the passage of time, we found that the company diversified the product and made it available in a variety of flavors. This helped in the growth of the Nescafe brand and gradually it started making a significant footmark in the global field.

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