Fogg Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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Marketing Mix of Fogg analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Fogg marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Let us start the Fogg Marketing Mix:


The product strategy and mix in Fogg marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Fogg is one of the most popular deodorant brands. Fogg has a very vast variety of deodorants for both men and women. Few of its most popular products for men are Fogg Black Collection Fresh Oriental Deodorant, Fogg 1000 Status Deodorant, Fogg Marco Deodorant, Fogg Napoleon Deodorant, Fogg Royal Deodorant and top products for women are Fogg Black Collection Bold Deodorant, Fogg Delicious Deodorant, Fogg Black Collection Splendid Deodorant, Fogg Paradise Deodorant, Fogg Radiate Deodorant. Fogg has also recently launched perfumes along with Deodorants in order to expand its product portfolio in its marketing mix. Fogg products are also deliver quality assurance with the dermatological testing done which shows no side effects, also with consumer feedbacks Fogg products have stood up to the mark. One of the key component which outstand Fogg is quantity as they claim to be only having spray or Deo no gas so quantity claimed also satisfy the customer and finally the services of their product of having a good fragrance which lasts longer no doubt turned out to stand at its claim. Fogg got its success behaving as a product oriented company.

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Below is the pricing strategy in Fogg marketing strategy:

One more key factor which made Fogg as a market leader and keep retaining its position is pricing. Fogg followed the competitive pricing under its marketing mix where it kept the price almost same with its competitors but projected the more service with better output with their deodorants at the same price. This strategy not only helped Fogg attract new customers but also overcome the barrier of entering into market when there were already established brands from well-established company like HUL and Marico. Further Fogg focused more on the upper middle man in deciding the cost of their product. This helps them in further expanding in the market. Fogg represented themselves as a replacement for the expensive cologne and deodorants with a better service at low price which helped them in pitching to a larger audience.


Following is the distribution strategy of Fogg:

Fogg approached with a very simple distribution channel i.e. way through distributors to retailers. As their product was a FMCG product so they didn’t needed an exclusive store to sell or showcase their product. With their promotions of Fogg it was enough to catch eyes of their consumers. And also being a FMCG product going through retailer channel it was made available at each and every small retail shops both in urban and rural area. This also helped them in pitching in rural areas and increasing their market share. However Fogg rely more on urban areas. And as it was launched in the digital era where the no. of e-commerce users were increasing rapidly, no.

of grocery apps were launched so Fogg also launched its products on online stores right from the starting which was easy to access and gained more customers from the urban areas.


The promotional and advertising strategy in the Fogg marketing strategy is as follows:

This is one of the most important feature which made the Fogg become the market leader. Fogg’s competitors like Axe were using marketing promotion mainly focused for men. Whereas Fogg launches its product showing that its functional value is better than its competitor’s value. They come up with a sensational campaign of “No gas, only Spray” which changed the stereotypical belief of the consumers for the deodorants. Fogg did an extensive TV advertisement, magazines, hoardings, newspapers, online campaigns on different social media sites and built up their own brand image by using a new chemical structure and degraded the image of their competitors. Hence, this gives an overview on Fogg marketing mix.

About Fogg:

Fogg is a sensational deodorant product raised from Vini cosmetics in 2010. It came up with a new tagline of “No gas, only spray” which changed the stereotype culture of the Deodorants. From the time it launched Fogg has become the leader of this chain with having around 20% of the market share. Fogg kept on following its innovative way to attract users. Starting from this new tagline of no gas, only spray it pitched its brands to youngsters both boys and girls separately and even to the older generation. It has always taken proper steps to be in touch with the consumers. The success of Fogg in such a short duration is due to its unique market growth and brand performance. Fogg identified the functional attributes which all other brands were claiming and anyone hardly believes them and uses product oriented strategy to come up with a unique idea which made it the leader in such a short time. Fogg also was not focusing only in attracting women but with their functional parameter they open up for both men and women, hence increasing their number of potential users.

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