Dr Pepper Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of Dr Pepper which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Dr Pepper Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Dr Pepper marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Dr Pepper is a popular global beverage FMCG company serving customers from many countries. Dr Pepper has a very diverse portfolio in its marketing mix with its tendency to keep on coming up with new taste and utility product according to the needs and demands of customers. Dr Pepper classified its products into two categories dietary brands and flavor variations. The products offered by the company are Dr Pepper authentic blend of 23 flavors like cherry, Diet, Ten, Diet and cherry, Caffeine free, Cherry vanilla, Dr Pepper zero etc. Other than the soft drink as its core product, Dr Pepper also made jelly beans with an alliance of jelly Bean Company, soft drink flavored bubblegum, candy, ice-cream syrup, lip balms etc.

But these all are mainly the secondary products which are manufactured with an association of other company. Soft Drinks are the only major source of revenue for Dr Pepper and its brand name is known only for soft drinks. While developing the different products Dr Pepper make sure to keep in mind about the appearances of the bottles and printed posters on it because they have a philosophy that appearance on the product should itself explain what customers are purchasing.

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Dr Pepper Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Dr Pepper marketing strategy:

Dr Pepper follows the competitive strategy in order to mark a price on their products. Its products are generally a little cheaper in comparison to its competitors – Coca-Cola, Pepsi.

This makes the Dr Pepper as a brand which is cheaper but way more experienced and trustworthy. Pricing strategy of Dr Pepper are also a little customer oriented, to keep up their loyal customers happy they keep their prices flexible and affordable. They also keep loyal customers engaged by giving promotional schemes like bonus points on purchase which can be utilized on the latter purchase. In order to attract new customers Dr Pepper also comes up with discount prices which it bears through the cutting short in the distribution cost.

Dr Pepper Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Dr Pepper marketing mix:

Dr Pepper is a brand whose products can be found all across the world. With its around 20 manufacturing centers and around 200 distribution centers, it follows both direct delivery route i.e. making the product reach direct to the stores such as grocery shops, big retailers, gas stations, restaurants, hotels etc. through distributors and warehouse delivery route in which the products are manufactured and stored safely under the proper physical conditions in the warehouse and then distributed according to the needs and demand of the customer. This shows a strong distribution marketing strategy of Dr Pepper. While distribution Dr Pepper has two goal aims, one is to with their efficient supply chain they make sure that products are made available to the customers according to the time and location demand of the consumer. Another goal is to make sure that their product reaches and deliver to the retailer or end consumer in the proper usable condition.

This is one of thing which really needs to be taken care while practicing warehouse delivery route.

Dr Pepper Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Dr Pepper marketing strategy is as follows:

Dr Pepper has always been a brand oriented product and if we look its timeline from 1880 it has been very much involved in its brand promotion through various attractive posters, bottle shapes and covers which kept on getting changed accordingly with the time frame. Along with this Dr Pepper took support of PR in order to promote its products all the way by using media as an agent to justify the sustainability of its chemical composure which is used to make its soft drink, advertisement on TV, banners, radio to influence customers in both cognitive (with its ingredients) and through affirmative (by creating an emotional perception). Dr Pepper is also famous for its various slogans used during campaign like “King of Beverages”, “Always one of a kind”. These kind of slogans also helped Dr Pepper create a brand image in the minds of target groups. In its timeline Dr Pepper has also achieved promotion by becoming a part of motion pictures and sponsoring various events especially football which is widely followed. Through this football Dr Pepper not only increased its products visibility but also was able to reach out the market which has not been so actively engaged through internet. With time as the company entered into digital era, it made up a website showing all the products which increased the visibility and sales of products. It also starts pitching heavily on social media sites with videos and digital campaigns which further helped in attracting the new customers. Hence, this concludes the Dr Pepper marketing mix.

About Dr Pepper:

Dr Pepper is a soft drink which started its journey in 1880 and have successfully completed its 132 years. It is one of the oldest company manufacturing coldrinks with the addition of natural and artificial flavors. Dr Pepper’s journey started from Waco, TX and till now it has been situated in almost all the parts of the world and are preferred by customers as their first choice. The company follows the culture of innovative and entrepreneurial model to come up with new flavors in a different way to engage and fulfil demands of customer. Dr Pepper has also achievements like to be declared as the company who manufactures one of the purest and finest soft drink of all time in 1970. The formula for making the Dr Pepper is also secretive in the same way as of the one of its strongest competitor Coca-Cola. Dr Pepper has roughly approx.

20% of the market share which is less than its competitors Coca-Cola and Pepsi which together holds around 70% of the market but still recently there has been growth by 3.5% in the market share of Dr Pepper which is more than its competitors. Major competitors of Dr Pepper are Coca Cola, Pepsi etc.

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