Aquafina Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Marketing Strategy of Aquafina analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). These business strategies, based on Aquafina marketing mix, help the brand succeed in the market. Let us start the Aquafina Marketing Strategy & Mix to understand its product, pricing, advertising & distribution strategies:

Aquafina Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Aquafina marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Aquafina, a packaged bottle water brand from PepsiCo, is a leading brand in the world. In the year 2003, Aquafina became the best selling bottled water brand in the United States. Clean drinking water in many places around the world is not an easily accessible resource. Many health conditions occur due to the consumption of unpure drinking water, which is why now-a-days everyone prefers consuming RO filtered or bottled water only. Keeping this in mind, Aquafina has come up with technologies such as the hydro 7 filtration technology that filters water and provides the best quality of drinking water to the consumers. The product strategy in its marketing mix focuses on clean water available in different sizes & flavors.

Aquafina also offers flavored water that comes in flavors like berry blast, raspberry and grape. There are various sized that the bottled water comes in. The 20 litre water jar is used by corporates who do not have the space of keeping large water filters. The 1 and 2litre bottles are used by individual consumers. The biggest competitor of Aquafina is Kinley water belonging to Coca-cola and in India its biggest competitor is Bisleri.


Aquafina Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Aquafina marketing strategy:

As there is no differentiation in the bottled water market as far as the product is concerned, the competing factor becomes the price. Aquafina is very selective when it comes to pricing its product.

Even though water is a freely available resource, bottled water is an exception and the price is an important factor that generates revenue and targets the consumers. Aquafina adopts a competitive pricing strategy in its marketing mix as it provides good quality of the product and low calorie drinking water which gives it an advantage over other competing brands. Aquafina prices the product at different prices in different countries depending upon the consumer market. However the product is not premium priced and it targets the middle income group and people belonging between the age group of 25-45 as they are more health conscious.

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Aquafina Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Aquafina marketing mix:

Being a necessity commodity, Aquafina bottled water is available in all departmental stores, medical stores as well as most small local stores. The company has tie-ups with wholesalers in different countries to sell their product. All over the world they have multiple middle-men and distributors that make sure that the common man has easy access to their product. Aquafina has made sure that it has a strong distribution network so that its product is easily available because for a product like bottled drinking water, the most important factor that consumers look at is availability. If bottled water is available in a store, consumers are less likely to look at the brand as there in hardly any differentiation in this product segment. As a result, the success of a company depends on the distribution to a great extent. Another smart strategy that the company uses for Aquafina is that it makes the product available in various food chains and fast food joints as the probability that consumers will buy a bottle of water along with their food is quite high.

This strategy helps improve the overall sales of the brand.

Aquafina Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Aquafina marketing strategy is as follows:

Aquafina makes use of various conventional and traditional techniques to promote its product. They engage in print media, television advertisements, celebrity endorsements etc to promote their product. They simply position their product as a pure water brand which is free from any bacteria and safe for drinking. Globally, Aquafina is known as a smart marketer that comes out with promotional offers and discounts from time to time. Aquafina also differentiates itself from other brands through its affiliation with PepsiCo and its special purification technology that it uses to get rid of all the natural minerals in the water and give it a mellow taste. It also promotes by conducting contests, giving out coupons and giveaways on a regular basis. Aquafina is also the official sponsor of the Major League Baseball. The brand has come out with innovative new products such as flavored water, sparkling water and an Eco-Fina bottle which uses 50 percent less plastic than its regular bottle. This gives an insight in the marketing mix of Aquafina.

About Aquafina:

Aquafina is a packaged bottled water brand belonging to PepsiCo, headquartered in New York.

Aquafina was first sold in the year 1994 in Wichita, Kansas and soon started selling all over the world. The brand has a strong presence all across the world through grocery stores, supermarkets and more.

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