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Cinthol Marketing Mix (4Ps) & Marketing Strategy

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Here is the marketing strategy of Cinthol which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Cinthol Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Cinthol marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Cinthol is one of the leading skincare and soap brands. Godrej Personal care product range serves many products in its marketing mix across different category and varieties. Cinthol is among its flagship product due to its new variety of fragrances and ingredients. Cinthol has come with the new variety of new fragrance and cooling crystals which became hit in the market as it is first of its kind. Cinthol is diversified in the following category.

a) Soap

b) Deo

c) Deosticks

d) Talcs

e) Liquids shower gel

These all are also market hit. Recently Cinthol has launched its new product called deo’reborn which is part of Cinthol de product line. In all above categories, different fragrance products are designed with targeted age segments. Cinthol caters more than 12 products in its product line. Being FMCG products, Cinthol is the market leader despite challenges from rivals like HUL and P&G.

Image: company website

Cinthol Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Cinthol marketing mix strategy:

Cinthol follows pricing of Market-oriented pricing strategy and bundled pricing strategy as well. Thus prices are comparable to market behaviour and demands.

With main competition with HUL, P&G soaps and demo's, operational cost is also one of the important challenges to maintain its cost pricing strategy for Godrej Consumer Products. Being consumed by all type of consumers, it’s important to maintain the lower prices of the daily products thus Cinthol brand follow. As Indian consumers are price sensitive, the Cinthol price is similar to its rivals. Lux and Hamam are already available in the market in reasonable price, Cinthol is little level product service better quality and class. Hence from operations to packaging, Godrej has worked on Cinthol’s pricing strategy to remain competitive in the market. Same is applicable to an international market.

Cinthol Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Cinthol marketing mix:

With the global presence, Godrej FMCG products have very strong supply chain network in India as well. For Cinthol, Godrej has used a traditional setup of good distribution network for better market reach. Better distribution made better visibility in the market for Cinthol products. Main supplier, distributor, sub-distributer and retailers are working chain of Godrej group which is for Cinthol as well. Cinthol (app products) are available in PAN India.

By using this distribution network, Cinthol has also achieved to market its products by putting samples to retailers, banners to retail stores and offers on combo packs.Godrej group is famous for its quality and Cinthol as well, products have the huge demand in the Indian market and International market as well.

Cinthol Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Cinthol marketing mix is as follows:

Cinthol brand has always focused on it promotional part for its products. The brand uses different strategies to market new products. One of it is advertising strategy is featuring Bollywood stars Vinod Khanna, Hrithik Roshan and sports player like Virat Kohli on popular TV channels. Cinthol branding and marketing have extensively planned for their new products like deo stick. Promotional strategies also include packaging and labelling as its integral part of local marketing. As the category of this product was not different as already market rivals were present hence positioning it in the established market is done by advertising in newspaper, magazines and other print media. The official website of Cinthol is highly interactive for consumers and integration of social media over the site also made Cinthol more user-friendly for the new generation. Advertisement on YouTube with new social messages is now part of the marketing of the Cinthol. Cinthol has extensive digital marketing footprint over different social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for better customer reach and customer services as well. Cinthol has also focused on sponsoring the different events like marathon and mud gaming tournament which is focused to use soap and deo after such events which became big hits. This completes the marketing mix of Cinthol.

About Cinthol:

The brand ‘Cinthol’ which is owned by Godrej Consumer Products Limited has the remarkable market position in different segments. Cinthol is a benchmark for Godrej group which is a result of Mr.Godrej’s PhD thesis of making soap from the fatty acid. Godrej calls Cinthol as 60 years old young flagship personal care brand. With the customer base of more than a million, Cinthol is among top brands in India penetrating small rural areas as well.

With the market slogan of ‘Alive is Awesome’, Cinthol is targeting all the segments of its market as soap division is widely used in India. With fragrance and freshness of ingredients, Cinthol is tough competition to soap like Lux, Hamam and some market rivals.

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