Duracell Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of Duracell which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Duracell Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Duracell marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Duracell is one of the leading brands manufacturing cells & batteries. Duracell produces a host of products in its marketing mix portfolio which are as follows.

Alkaline Batteries: Duracell company makes two types of alkaline batteries namely coppertop and quantum battery. Coppertop are can be used in household devices like toys, remote controls, calculators, flashlights, clocks, radios and portable electronics. Quantum batteries are designed for similar devices.

Rechargeable batteries and chargers: Duracell batteries can be recharged completely in 1-1.5 hours by the charger specially designed for them. These are used in video game controllers, wireless electronics and baby monitors.

Coin/Button batteries: There are two types of these batteries. First one is lithium coin battery used in fitness devices, medical devices, security devices, calculators and watches.

The other type is silver oxide button battery which is used in similar devices as above along with toys.

Hearing Aid Batteries: These are made in different colors which help in identifying the right size for the hearing aid devices. They can last up to four years in storage.

Specialty Batteries: These are also lithium batteries which are used in devices which have to last long. These are used in digital cameras, car alarm, GPS trackers, child locators and other electronics. The batteries are available in 4 sizes namely AAA, C, D, 9V and A.

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Duracell Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Duracell marketing strategy:

The main aim of Duracell is to establish a loyal customer base. It has its own way of doing so.

Duracell keeps a marginal high price for its products and hence the pricing strategy in its marketing mix that it uses is called reasonable pricing strategy. A pack of two AA alkaline batteries costs Rs.75 which is higher than Eveready. A pack of C costs Rs.245. The prices are higher as there is a positive perception of the brand in the market and people don’t mind paying the extra price to get a long-lasting product which can be trusted. The prices go up with the rating i.e. for the batteries used for high consumption electronic devices. Discounts are given by the retailers on bulk orders and other offers like buy two get one free are also available.

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Duracell Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Duracell marketing mix:

Duracell is the market leader in batteries and has a very strong distribution network. The final products that is batteries find their way into medical stores, electronics stores and supermarkets. The company has made sure that the reach is far and wide so as to cover a large geography. It is present in around twenty countries in which India, Russia, United States and China are the major consumers. Thus, Duracell products are easily available. It also owns regional brands in some countries like Germany, Italy and South Korea. The batteries are available online as well on ecommerce platforms and can be bought in bulk from there. The electronic device manufacturers can book appointments with Duracell to get guidance regarding the device design such that it suits the Duracell battery thus ensuring contracts with the company for the batteries.

Its labs and research facilities are state of the art and therefore are able to innovate a lot.

Duracell Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Duracell marketing strategy is as follows:

There is a lot of competition in this market and consumers need to connect with the brand on a more personal level. Therefore, Duracell promotes the products majorly through campaigns. It has its Duracell catalog which has the information about the products in innovative ways. These catalog pictures also feature on Instagram. The power-forward program has been a massive success. In that the Power-forward team helps the people in natural calamity affected regions which have been affected by floods, earthquakes, hurricanes etc. by providing them batteries for use in life saver devices. There have been 463,023 batteries distributed so far. They have their Rapid-Responder, Rugged-Responder and Community Center cars which carry electric systems, chargers and batteries to areas which are difficult to access when hit by a disaster for family members to connect with their family. The community center trucks have been designed in such a way that the families can stay inside it during rough climates. On Twitter Duracell is active in terms of spreading awareness regarding storms and hurricanes and advising people what they need to do and have for such instances. The television advertisements stress on long lasting durability of the batteries. The ads can also be seen on billboards, newspapers and magazines with the famous tagline ‘Lasts Longer Much Longer’. This concludes the Duracell marketing mix.

About Duracell:

Duracell is an American company founded by Philip Rogers Malory and Samuel Ruben in the year 1924. It produces alkaline batteries and smart power systems. The rabbit is the mascot of the Duracell brand which can be seen in the ads. It was bought by Berkshire Hathaway from Procter & Gamble in the year 2014.

It is the market leader in this product category but faces stiff competition from other players like Eveready, Sony and Panasonic. Headquartered in Bethel, United States the Duracell company has around 3000 employees and showed a net revenue of 2 billion USD.

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