United Colors of Benetton Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of United Colors of Benetton which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

United Colors of Benetton Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in United Colors of Benetton marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

United Colors of Benetton (UCB) is one of the leading fashion brands in the world. United Colors of Benetton offers products mainly in the fashion domain with the products ranging from Clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. The brand set itself apart by offering its products in different colors even in those time when a wide range of colors were not available. In clothing alone, the brand offers a wide offering in its marketing mix product portfolio like cardigans, jumpers, jackets, coats, trousers, jeans, skirts shirts, blouses and innerwear like vests, camisoles, nightwear, lounge wear and lingerie.

Some of the accessories offered by the brand is crossbody bags, rucksacks, clutch bags, shoes, heels, boots, athletic hats, caps, colourful shawls and scarves. United Colors of Benetton also has a line of clothing for kids known as Benetton Baby. Every new season the products are introduced in the market having unique design in line with the latest fashion trends.

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United Colors of Benetton Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in United Colors of Benetton marketing strategy:

United Colors of Benetton offers high quality apparel at a slightly premium price, which has a high demand as well. The brand focuses on fashion and authenticity and boasts of offering its products at a “democratic price”.

All the products of United Colors of Benetton are moderately priced as compared to its competitors despite offering a wide range and varieties in its creations.

United Colors of Benetton Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the United Colors of Benetton marketing mix:

United Colors of Benetton core mission is to color the world and lays a strong emphasis on diversity which is clearly visible from the brands geographical presence. The company is present across 120 countries and 6500 stores. The company also has a strong supply chain network. Like all the brands in the internet age, United Colors of Benetton also has a dedicated online site that offers its products to the consumers across the globe.

The brand is also available through many other fashion ecommerce companies.

United Colors of Benetton Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the United Colors of Benetton marketing strategy is as follows:

The medium of promotion for United Colors of Benetton is through newsprint, digital media and TV advertisements. What sets these advertisements apart is that the brand deploys something called “shockvertising”. These advertisements touch sensitive socially relevant topics like unity in diversity, stop-war campaigns, infant mortality rates, homelessness, stopping violence against women, AIDS awareness and religious tolerance. The advertisements are such that the same ads are featured across the world and the subjects and objects in them garner shock from the viewers. This definitely draws the attention of the consumer and is both a remarkable marketing strategy and a controversy magnet. United Colors of Benetton also sponsors various sports team since 1983 and is known to sponsor Formula One known as Benetton Formula, rugby teams called Benetton Rugby , basketball teams known as Treviso basket and volleyball team known as Sisley volley. In India the brand has collaborated with another company called Devbhumi in Uttarakhand state of India to empower over 60,000 rural women artisans in India. The brand has launched a campaign called ‘The unemployee of the year’ communication campaign which aims to support unemployed youth by launching a online campaign to sustain 100 projects by these youths. United colors of Benetton has launched a campaign called the “Unhate Foundation” whose objective is to fight the culture of hatred and imbibe tolerance in the hearts of the people. This completes the marketing mix of United Colors of Benetton.

About United Colors of Benetton:

United Colors of Benetton was established as the Benetton Group S.p.A. fashion company in 1965 by three brothers and a sister named Luciano Benetton, Gilberto Benetton, Carlo Benetton and Giuliana Benetton in Belluno, Italy. Luciano worked as a salesman in Treviso and offered a small collection of sweaters to his customers which was well received by the locals. On observing the success of this collection and seeing a potential in the fashion industry Luciano invited his two younger brothers and his younger sister to join him in they formed a business entity called as “The Benetton Group”. Three years after their first store in Belluno they opened a store in Paris and assumed key positions in the organisation with Luciano acting as chairman, Carlo and Gilberto in charge of production and administration respectively and Giuliana acting as the chief designer. The logo of United Colors of Benetton is based knitting stitch symbol.

“Color” is the core competency of United Colors of Benetton with the company producing more than 150 million colourful garments every year. The company boasts of diversity in everything its does and hence comes the word “United” in the brand name.

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