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Yatra Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Here is the marketing strategy of Yatra which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Yatra Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Yatra marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Yatra.com is an Indian travel website focusing in ticket booking, hotel accommodation, travel information, tours/ packages etc. Yatra website provides various service in its marketing mix for the travelers, that can be listed as below:

Informational site: The site provides a lot of information to its viewers. This service gains it many viewers visiting the site. Also, through advertisements on the sites, it also accrues revenue for this service. The information includes various destinations at a place and the best of these travel spots.

Travel options: It offers deals in plane ticket booking, train and even bus ticket options. This is another service provide. The customers can choose according to the need and cost.

Residence: More than 3000 hotels are tied up with Yatra, and it offers valuable discounts to customers. Also, the customers are free to choose the hotels, given the ratings and conditions, the information available on site.

Tour package: Apart from travel and hotel options, complete tour packages are also provided to customers by Yatra.com. This help in accessing new places and not missing the important sport in the journey.

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Yatra Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Yatra marketing strategy:

The objective of Yatra.com is to provide affordable travel packages for the customers. Hence, the pricing of packages is made just as to cover the charges and producing enough revenues.

Competitive pricing is the main forte of websites like Yatra. The travel agent companies, always ae in a price war as customers want the cheap and best services. Yatra provides low costs through deals with hotels and attractive offers. Another strategy adopted for pricing is segmenting the customers. By giving options to choose from, for the same destination, but a difference in quality of service, Yatra manages the value customers and premium customers both. Apart from travelers Yatra also charges the advertisements made on the websites. Most of these are of hotels or flights and buses. For each reservation made through Yatra, it charges a commission from these agencies. It also offers tools to the companies who want to advertise, giving them options to choose from where there advertisements will be shown, charging a premium price for most visible places.

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Yatra Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the Yatra marketing mix:

Being an online site, its services re available through both websites and apps. Apart from this it also accesses customers through mails and SMS. The website provides information to all the viewers. Though for actually booking the tour, sig in is required. The sign in can be done through Facebook. By providing this option Yatra also ensures acquiring new customers and customizing its ads for each customer based on their tastes and likes. Today’s growing era of mobiles means to increase the reach, applications are essential Also people with the app are more loyal customers. Hence, running an efficient app is also part of distributing its services, for Yatra. Yatra.com also tries to capture the attention of new customers through mon=bile phones and SMS. These are also used to confirm the bookings once done or providing any additional information. Being a travel guiding app, it keeps on increasing its presence around the country.

With new information about attractive places or even suggesting some untouched less visited places.

Yatra Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Yatra marketing strategy is as follows:

Yatra uses several media and strategies to market itself to its audience. Generally, presence is visible on social media and Youtube channels. Many suggestive articles are presented to viewers that offer information about the travel options. This provides visibility to the brand name. It is able to give better discounts to the customers by partnering with various companies in its value chain. When a deal is booked, Yatra offers some money back which can be claimed for future trips. Through this it ensures loyalty amongst the customers. These are the recent offered discount cards, for the customers that can be offered to relatives or friends as travel gifts. They have launched this option in association with Qwikcilver. Celebrities are also approached for endorsing the brand name. Bollywood actors are associated with the branding of Yatra. It also sponsors events and teams. It was the travel partner for Rajasthan Royals. This helped them gain a lot of positive branding.

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Yatra.com.


By providing quality information to its viewers, it increases the visitors on its site. The information are also based on ratings of existing customers, which help the site gauge the popularity of any destination or hotels. Due to increasing competition in this industry, Yatra.com differentiates itself, by providing all round travel options. This has been possible through acquiring many firms that directly affect the value chain. Magicrooms.in, is an Indian company, that provided global distribution options, is now part of Yatra. By acquiring Travelguru, Yatra has ensured to be ahead in providing quality information and reviews about destinations. This has significantly improved its database. Booking is just the beginning for travel sites. Yatra.com gives emphasis on the post boking services, through providing information, making travel suggestions and offering any other service that is available in their product list.

Physical Evidence:

Yatra.com’s biggest physical presence is the website and the app. The increased traffic on the site is the main evidence. As most of the revenue comes from the advertisements on the site, the number of viewers gives an insight about the growth of the company. As apps in mobile phones is directly related to loyal customer base, the number of apps means the increased loyalty amongst the customers. This also means satisfied customers. The bookings made through either website or apps, can be gauged, to know whether the interest of tourists in Yatra is increasing or decreasing. A positive image of the company, satisfied customers and reviews and ratings deliver a positive image. The reviews on the apps are currently the new of gauging word of mouth of the customers. The cancellation requests made or the satisfied customers can also be gauged through the effectiveness of customer care services.


For a service providing firm like Yatra, people become the main asset. The people that are important for Yatra are their own technology and travel experts as well as the outsiders, who have experiences to share about the destinations.

Travel experts: These are the people that generate information for the tourist, for making their trips more convenient. R&D team is mostly involved in researching about the place and providing adequate information from time to time.

Tech developers: These form the core part of Yatra.com. As this is basically an online travel solution providing site, the criticality to update and secure the site is very important.

Reviewers: Critical and positive both kind of reviewers matter for online sites. As the critical ones, help them assess the shortcomings. Hence, people are free to pine about their opinion on the website, ensuring a transparent environment and opportunities to grow and improve for the company.

Tourists: Tourists themselves can review places and even make suggestions to edit information on sight. Hence, they also form an integral part of team Yatra. This concludes the marketing mix of Yatra.com

About Yatra.com:

Yatra is an online travel option provider, started by Dhruv, Manish and Sabina Chopra. The company provides customized travel tours as well as budget options for the travelers, with various offers and bundles to choose from. With increasing reliance on the online information, and increasing inter connection between countries, the Indian tourism industry is affected positively. Hence, for the future growth, online travel agents have ample opportunities.

Although due to easy entrance in this segment, the competition is growing. With Makemytrip, Cleartrip, and Tripadvisor as main threats to Yatra, differentiating itself seems the only viable option to grow.

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