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Cathay Pacific was founded in 1946 by American Roy C Farrell and Australian Sydney H de Kantzow. It is a Hong Kong based airline. A converted Douglas DC3 was the first aircraft to be used by the company.

In any business, there are several companies & brands which compete with each other by offering similar products & services.

For any company to thrive, it is not only important for them to improve their own products, but to also look at what their competitor is offering.

Below we look at the top 10 competitors of Cathay Pacific.

1. Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines is one of the flagship carriers of Singapore and its base of operation is at Singapore Changi Airport. It is among the top fifteen airlines at a global level. It began its operations in 1947 with its first flight from Singapore to Malaysia.

2. Malaysia Airlines:

Malaysia Airlines is a government owned national carrier of Malaysia which operates flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport as well as another hub in Kotu Kinabalu and provides full service flights to its customers. It faces competition from other full-service flight operators such as Singapore airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific etc. It maintains a strong position in southeast Asia.

3. Thai Airways:

Thai Airways was known as Siamese Company Limited and was the domestic air carrier of Thailand till the year 1947. In the year 1960 a joint venture was initiated between Scandinavian Airways and Thai Airways in which Scandinavian Airways owned a 30% share of the new company valued at 2 million Thai Baht. The joint venture’s purpose was to create an international branch of the domestic carrier.

4. British Airways:

British Airways was started in 1974 by the British Government to manage two airline corporations namely British Overseas Airways and British European Airways. British Airways is currently the largest in the United Kingdom having a fleet size of more than 250 and flying to more than 400 destinations. It is a leading airline and has set high standards of service in the market.

5. Emirates:

Found in 1985, a subsidiary of Emirates group, Emirates Airlines commenced its operations with just two aircrafts. Today, it carries biggest fleet of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777s. With more than 3,600 flights per week from Dubai International airport, it connects more than 154 cities across 6 continents in the world.

6. Etihad Airways:

Etihad Airways is authorized airline of United Arab Emirates. It was formed by the decree of Government of Abu Dhabi in November 2003. It has strategic geographical location for operation of its flights all over the globe.

7. Air India:

Air India is a passenger airlines service provider in India. It is owned by the Government of India. It is a member of Star Alliance, which is one of the largest airlines alliances in the world.

8. Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airlines is a government owned, Airlines service, based out of Turkey. The Turkish name for the brand is ‘Turk Hava Yollari’, which give it its pet name as THY. The major area of operations for this airlines brand are Africa, Asia, Europe and US.

9. Lufthansa:

Lufthansa is the largest domestic German airline. It operates in 18 domestic and nearly 200 international destinations across the globe. Lufthansa airlines' major global competitors are British Airways, American Airways, Air France among others.

10. Qantas:

QANTAS is short for ‘Queensland and Northern Territorial Aerial Service’. It was founded in November 1920, which makes it the 3rd oldest airlines of the world. The number of international destinations and international flights are highest for this Australia based airline, which is also labeled as ‘Flying Kangaroo’ and ‘the spirit of Australia’.

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To conclude, the above article highlights the various competitors which compete with Cathay Pacific. This understanding helps to evaluate the various external business factors for any company.

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