Apollo Tyres Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps)

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Marketing Strategy of Apollo Tyres analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). These business strategies, based on Apollo Tyres marketing mix, help the brand succeed in the market. Let us start the Apollo Tyres Marketing Strategy & Mix to understand its product, pricing, advertising & distribution strategies:

Apollo Tyres Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Apollo Tyres marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

The products made by Apollo tyres ltd are tyres, tubes, flaps for passenger cars, trucks, buses, farm, motor bikes, industrial and earthmover. The different products in the marketing mix of Apollo tyres within each category are shown below:

• Passenger car: Apollo offers passenger car tyres for cars, SUV and vans. This includes Radial, Crossply and SUV tyres. Some of the popular brands offered by Apollo tyres are: Amazer 4G life, Apterra AT and Apterra HT.

• Trucks and buses: Apollo offers different products under this category demending on things you transport (cargo or people) and depending on terrain (urban, regional, long haul, mixed, speciality). This includes Radial and bias type of tyre construction. Some of the popular products are: Mine Lug, XT-9 Gold, Endu Race LD etc.

• Farm or Agriculture: Apollo offers tyres for tractors, harvesters , Trailer implement, small equipment.

Some of the products are: Bhim, Powerhaul, Krishak etc.

• Industrial: Apollo offers tyres used in construction industry for different vehicle type like Backhoe, compactor, Loader, Excavator, Grader etc. Some of the products offered in this segment are: ALT 118, AWE 713 etc.

• Motor bike: Apollo offers tyre for different bike models like Suzuki slingshot, pulsar, Honda etc. Some of the products offered in this segment are: Actizip F3, Actizip S2 etc.

• Earthmover: Apollo offers tyres to be used by vehicle operated in mining industry as a loader, ADT, RDT. Some of the products offered in this segment are: AWL 822, ATL 188 TX etc.

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Below is the pricing strategy in Apollo Tyres marketing strategy:

Apollo Tyre ltd. face tough competitors from the market leader MRF and other companies like JK tyres, Bridgestone, Ceat etc.

Hence the pricing strategy in the marketing mix of Apollo is mostly a competitor pricing strategy. Apollo uses penetrative pricing strategy to gain more market share by offering low price for new product as an initial offer to lure customer from competitors. There are some other brands like JK tyres, Goodyear etc that also that uses the same pricing strategy but it is the quality and service provided by the Apollo company that sets it apart from its competitors. A typical car tubeless tyre from Apollo would cost around Rs. 4000-4200 and a HCV tyre would cost around price range of Rs. 17000-17500. Apollo Tyres ltd has got good B2B connect with automobile companies like Mercedec, Volkswagen etc and it sells its product at competitive price.


Following is the distribution strategy in the Apollo Tyres marketing mix:

Apollo Tyres ltd. has got an extensive distribution network across India and Europe. Hence studying a global perspective is required in understanding the place strategy in the marketing mix of Apollo. Apollo Tyres ltd. distribution channels include factories, regional distribution centres, dealers and carrying and forwarding agents. In 2016, the company had around 4900 retail dealers of which nearly 1700 are exclusive retail dealers of Apollo in India and around 3550 dealer outlet in Europe. The company also has 13 European National Sales offices. Apollo tyre ltd. sells its product to more than 100 countries globally. Apollo Tyres Ltd. has got four manufacturing units in India and one in Netherlands. The company also plans to build one more manufacturing unit in Hungary which will commence its operation in early 2017. The company has also 19 state office, 150 sales and service offices across India, 17 regional distribution centres across India. Apollo also has a wide specialist network: Apollo Super Zone, Apollo point etc. Apollo tyre ltd.

also boasts of delivering their product within 24 hours anywhere in India due to their extensive distribution network.

Apollo Tyres Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Apollo Tyres marketing strategy is as follows:

Apollo tyre has become a big brand in tyre industry with the help of innovative marketing strategies. The prime objective in the promotional strategy in the marketing mix of Apollo is to have a complete and comprehensive marketing campaign. Apollo tied up with Manchester United Football club for promotions and branding. This has worked really well for the company and has helped to increase its brand value. The company also engages in strategies like running tyre loyalty programs, better contact with its customers to encourage them for better driving habits. The advertisements of its product strikes a chord with its customer as it emphasizes on durability and long life of product. Apollo company public relation strategy ‘Adopt a pothole’ won Cannes silver lion award. This was a smart campaign move which got high customer engagement with customers. Apollo Tyres ltd. brand Vredestein social media campaign #RockTheRoad (music video by DJ Hhardwell) won Global Dolphin Award at Cannes in integrated communication category. Apollo also promotes Indian tennis players and sponsoring tennis competition which brings brand awareness among youngsters to the company. Hence, all these above points summarize the marketing mix of Apollo tyres.

About Apollo Tyres:

Apollo tyres is an Indian company with corporate headquarters in Gurgaon, which manufactures and sells tyres. The company has global reach and caters to over 100 countries. Apollo tyres has two global brands named Apollo and Vredestein and also regional brands named Kaizen and Regal tyres which it sells through large distribution network containing branded and multi products outlet. Apollo manufacturing units are present in Asia and Europe. Apollo tyres ranks at 17th position in terms of the largest tyres manufacturing in the world.In 2006, Apollo also acquired Dunlop tyres in Africa. The company’s chairman is Onkar S Kanwar who has been awarded with Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year – Manufacturing.

Apollo tyres has also been collaborated with B2B customers like Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai and many others. The tagline for Apollo tyres is ‘go the distance’ which resonates with their mantra of helping the customers to conquer the road ahead.

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