Johnson & Johnson Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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Marketing Mix of Johnson & Johnson analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Johnson & Johnson marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Let us start the Johnson & Johnson Marketing Mix:


Johnson & Johnson has an extremely wide and elaborate product portfolio. Johnson & Johnson focuses majorly on three product categories:

1. Pharmaceuticals

2. Medical devices

3. Consumer products.

According to the recent study the above mentioned categories contributed around 35%, 19%, 44% respectively of the total revenues earned for Johnson & Johnson. These offerings of Johnson & Johnson are the product strategy in its marketing mix. The company mainly caters the consumer product lines. Majorly the product category of Johnson & Johnson includes:

• Baby Category Johnson & Johnson products which include different types of massage oils, body lotions, soaps, creams, powders, nappy pads and shampoos. Within these products also there are various categories and types available.

• Johnson & Johnson Skin Care products include Clean Care facewash which are available in different flavour like apple, strawberry, lemon etc. clean care face creams, clean and clear moisturizers, cleansers etc. it also has a new category of products under Neutrogena brand name which also brings in skin care products.

• Wound care segment brings in products like Johnson & Johnson Band aid

• Oral care like mouth washes with different flavours like fresh mint, cool mint

• Pharmaceuticals products are also one of the major segment of Johnson & Johnsons. They are used for Dermatology, anti-fungal, contraceptive etc.

• Medical equipments are also produced by Johnson & Johnson which are mainly includes products for spinal care, circulatory diseases etc. also including disposable contact lenses and diabetes testers.

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Johnson & Johnson is a renowned brand and still it has maintained its pricing to an affordable rate so that the common man can buy the products. Johnson & Johnson follows a very well planned pricing policy in its marketing mix pricing strategy, mainly keeping it in the range of the consumer price index. As we know the major part of the company’s market is from consumer products so it keeps n mind the affordability criteria of the consumers in the market before setting its pries.

Johnson & Johnson has also followed a psychological pricing technique keeping its prices in the multiples of 99 or 49. Although Johnson & Johnson products are known for its superior quality with proper packaging etc, the company has decided on affordable prices.

In its medical products category, working along with government they have priced them thee products at a reasonable rate. This also depicts the companies socially responsible intentions.

Johnson & Johnson has efficient team appointed for the pricing of the products. This teams take into account different factors like target segment, their production cost, demand, supply, and also the ability to pay of the customers. After all the proper evaluations and calculations, the prices are fixed for the products.

There are certain Johnson & Johnson products like the baby care products and consumer goods where the prices charged are little high. This is because people buying such products are ready to pay even a certain high price given good quality and good health for their family.


Johnson & Johnson products are available extensively because of a strong distribution network. With a total of around two hundred and thirty subsidiaries and with operations in around sixty countries it is a well-known brand with its name spread even in the remote parts of the country. Johnson & Johnson has an advantageous stand of the local windows of the operating countries which helps them link easily with the customers.

A well organised and efficient team is appointed by Johnson & Johnson who look into all the operation and distribution of the products. They supervise and coordinate all the activities and strive to reach every targeted customer. There are also conditions in which the local manage the subsidiaries thus giving an edge over the competitors. Decentralisation technique of management is followed by the company, engaging the employees.

Johnson & Johnson has a wide and well distributed distribution network as a part of its marketing mix strategy. With the growing trend of online shopping and advancement in technology Johnson & Johnson has rightly captured the opportunity and sell their products via different online portals and shopping sites. Johnson & Johnson products are easily available almost everywhere, retail stores, wholesalers and market.


Johnson & Johnson has followed a very good marketing strategy, creating awareness through advertisements via different medias which are generally very eye catching. The marketing mix promotional strategy of Johnson & Johnson is to have a 360 branding. This appeals the customers to buys the products. Johnson & Johnson have realised the importance of spreading awareness about the production the market and have utilised their full capacity to reach out to people.

The Johnson & Johnson ads are placed everywhere and through all mediums, like hoardings, magazines, newspapers etc. Their advertisements also carry an emotional content majorly focussing on quality and care. Johnson & Johnson have also focussed on coming up with very good packaging which is environmental friendly.

Johnson & Johnson have come up with various kinds of campaigns also as a part of the promotional activities. Few of them being “Having a Baby Changes Things”, “The Campaign for Nursing’s Future” etc. the leading tv actress Prachi Desai has also been associated with the company’s ads. Johnson & Johnson ads generally focus cute babies and kids which people love to see and depicts love and care from a mother’s perspective. The mother baby connection is strongly shown there. Also few cartoon characters are used to attract the customers.

Johnson & Johnson also comes up with various kinds of offers like get a soap free on purchase of two etc. several kinds of discounts coupons are also given along with baby products and on buying all in one packs. Hence, this summarizes the Johnson & Johnson marketing mix.

About Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson, founded in 1886 is an American company manufacturing mainly medical products and devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods. Johnson & Johnson has its headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It has around 250 subsidiaries selling its products in around 175 countries. Johnson & Johnson is one of the leading companies of the world and listed among the fortune 500. With a very good targeting strategy followed Johnson & Johnson caters the need of all the segments of the society, from babies to adults.


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