Ariel Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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Marketing Mix of Ariel analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Ariel marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Let us start the Ariel Marketing Mix:


Ariel is one of the most popular detergent brands having a strong presence under the P&G brand. Ariel products has become one of the most preferred detergent which was launched with a combination of enzymes and bleach without damaging the clothes. Ariel detergent launched powder, bars and liquid in it marketing mix product portfolio for the convenient usage. With the increase in the usage of washing machines Ariel detergent was in more demand and it has been keep coming up with new innovative products like bleach free chemical, fragrance detergent, increasing brightness and many more. Few of the top products launched by Ariel are Ariel, Ariel Matic front load, Ariel Matic top load, Ariel 24 hour’s fresh. Ariel always come up with the products keeping in mind that the clothes are like a memento for the users so it is vital to preserve them. Ariel drives its products according to the user’s needs. As with the early 21st century when there was time shortage among women because of the life’s pace so it launched a product with the quickest and easiest clean. Even it launched a product to retain colors by coming up with a bleach free chemical compound. Ariel 3 in 1 pods is one of the latest innovation launched in 2012 keeping all the 3 factors of removing stains, cleaning and increasing or retaining the brightness of clothes as new clothes. In order to capture the rural market Ariel also launched a product like Ariel super soaker for the moderate income segment which was mid-priced as compare to its other premium priced products.

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Ariel follows the premium pricing strategy in its marketing mix whose products cost is a little more than the product’s price of its competitors. Even with the high price it is one of the best choice for the consumers because of its ability to wash off stains in one time. This quality products attract the house-wives who are the decision makers especially for washing small children clothes who generally gets lots of stains on their clothes. Main target segment for Ariel is the upper middle class who are ready to pay a little more price with the assurance of not damaging their clothes. For the lower middle class Ariel has also launched products like small sachet. Recently they have come up with mid-pricing products like Ariel super soaker in order to penetrate in the rural areas.


Ariel, owing to the strong distribution of P&G, has a wide global distribution. After being launched in UK Ariel extended its empire into various other countries like India, Russia, France, Japan etc. Within each and every country Ariel has maintained a very strong distribution channel. There are storage house in every country which helps in distributing products in remote areas. Ariel also provides a very good initiative to distributors in order to increase its sales at a fast rate. Storage house also helps in connecting with retailers which helps Ariel to make its product reach out at every shop. In order to further multiply its sales Ariel has also increased the no. of wholesalers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and also has done different tie ups with retail stores so as that their product is available at almost all small and big retailer’s shops. With the digital era Ariel has also launched its products through different e-commerce sites and also open up its own online store for the comfort of users.


To pace up with its competitors Ariel has always done a very strong campaign for its all new innovative products. For mass communication it has used traditional methods like advertising in newspaper, hoardings, boards, TV, radio etc. With the digital era Ariel also uses internet in order to launch various campaigns with catch taglines. Ariel’s latest campaign “Share the load” is a huge success which was tagged with a social message that intends to motivate men in helping their wives in the household work. This campaign was even ranked as a top campaign of this year by WARC 100. For various campaigns Ariel keep in touch with the popular people like Bollywood celebrities in India who can help in creating a wider impact among audience. Ariel also promoted its products by giving various discount offers and also pitching with a new advertisement according to the various festivals celebrated in different countries. Hence, this concludes the Ariel marketing mix.

About Ariel:

Ariel is a premium quality detergent product which was launched by the parent company Procter & Gamble 7 years later after the washing machines were launched in 1967. Vision of Ariel from starting was to change the livelihoods of women by easing down the burden of washing clothes from a traditional way to easy and effective way. Ariel has made an impact in different parts of the world by upcoming with its innovative products at a regular interval. In India Ariel was launched in 1990 which turned out to be a great success recently and has been climbing up in the market consistently. Currently Ariel owns a 1/4th of the market share in India and has been given tough competition by Surf Excel which is a product of HUL.


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