Vodafone Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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Marketing Mix of Vodafone analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Vodafone marketing strategy. As of 2020, there are several marketing strategies like product/service innovation, marketing investment, customer experience etc. which have helped the brand grow.

Marketing strategy helps companies achieve business goals & objectives, and marketing mix (4Ps) is the widely used framework to define the strategies. This article elaborates the product, pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by Vodafone.

Let us start the Vodafone Marketing Mix & Strategy:

Vodafone Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in Vodafone marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

Vodafone offers main products like Pre-paid, post-paid and VAS (Value added services). These are the product strategy in Vodafone marketing mix. Vodafone has products in various genres of communication such as, Vodafone branded phones, Smartphone, Voice and messaging services, Handsets, Internet services, Value added services. The core use of the Vodafone service was initially for texting and calling. But then use of data has evolved to be of great use. Vodafone targets various segments through various tariff plans. To make usage of data facility easier and compatible, Vodafone smartphones were launched.

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Vodafone Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in Vodafone marketing strategy:

Vodafone prices its products competitively in order to beat its competitors.

Vodafone has ensured loyalty by providing high quality services and strong range. Its marketing mix pricing strategy is done differently for every segment that it targets based on various needs that each price can cater to. Based on the quality of service such as high speed, bandwidth, the price of the service is decided.

Vodafone prices its products in line with the competitors in order to beat the competition. Vodafone tries to deliver better services using its core competencies at the same price as that of the competitors. Its prices are according to quality of the services. The prices of Vodafone products are targeted at various segments thereby cater to the segment depending upon the satisfaction they would receive from the service at that price.

Vodafone Marketing Strategy comprises of not only its Marketing Mix, but also segmentation, targeting, positoning, competition and analysis like SWOT. Also read Vodafone SWOT Analysis, STP & Competitors

Vodafone Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy of Vodafone:

Most of the Vodafone’s services are sold through customer care centers and shops, but they are also sold through independent retailer shops. They have a large number of Vodafone stores across the country.

With strong network, and strong range Vodafone is able to have strong distribution network across the country.

Vodafone Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the Vodafone marketing strategy is as follows:

Vodafone is one of the leading global telecom brands and focuses on advertising. The promotional strategy in the marketing mix of Vodafone is to aggressively promote the products of the brand through TV, print, online, billboards etc. The brand is promoted through local sports stars like Mary Kom and also sports stars like David Beckham, Michael Schumacher, etc. The brand value of Vodafone is increased by associating the brand with such sports stars. Bill Boards, TV commercials and other social media platforms are the majority ways of promoting Vodafone. Frequent press releases of Vodafone to keep its customers informed also help the company reach out the customers more frequently. Marketing researches are also carried out to determine how well the services of Vodafone are perceived and used. Out of all the marketing mix strategies, promotion is the strongest point of Vodafone because of Vodafone ZooZoos. These ambassadors are recognized across the world.

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Vodafone.


Vodafone has always ensured that its customers are of the highest priority. It serves more than 400 million subscribers worldwide across 150 countries. The Vodafone company has a staggering workforce strength of over 100,000 employees across the world. People, as customers as well as employees, are a vital pillar in the growth of Vodafone.


Vodafone lays a strong emphasis on processes as a part of its service marketing mix. Since telecom is a service industry, having the processes effective and efficient are a part of the business. Easy availability of top-ups is of utmost importance and having fully functional towers with good signal strengths for the customers. Customer service is also of high value for the processes to be good, which is always looked after at Vodafone. Apart from CRM, the internal processes of Vodafone in ensuring good network, sim card availability etc are all well thought out.

Physical Evidence:

As far as the physical evidence of Vodafone is concerned, it is their Sim cards which are issued to every customer. Apart from that recharge vouchers, stores, service outlets, digital TV services etc all are a part of the physical evidence of the brand. Hence, this covers the telecom brand Vodafone marketing mix.

About Vodafone:

Vodafone is a British Multinational Telecom company founded in 1991. Vodafone has been ranked among the top five in terms of revenues and in number of connections amongst the operators globally. With the revenue of more than $40 Bn, it owns and operates networks in 26 countries.

Vodafone also provides IT services to corporate clients in 150 countries. It acquired Hutch in India in the year and it is the third largest 3G service provider after Airtel and Idea.

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