Tata Communications Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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Marketing Mix of Tata Communications analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Tata Communications marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Let us start the Tata Communications Marketing Mix:


Tata Communications is one of the leading telecom companies in India. Tata Communications offers wireless and fixed line telecom services, data centers and other communication systems under its marketing mix. With social media, cloud computing, analytics and growth of devices which are connected a shift in engagement technology has allowed Tata Communications to be an innovater in technological service and providing of information technology services helping clients experience its robust technologies to meet the communication needs of emergent global enterprises which future proof. Tata Teleservices is also one of the leading mobile service provider in India.

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Tata Communications has got a wide offering and hence a diverse price range of its services. As it is mostly B to B business that Tata Communications engages in, it is paramount that they provide industry lowest prices in its marketing mix while not compensating on the high quality as well as wide coverage and efficient processes that they have always stood for. With more than 400 point of purchases in more than 200 countries several different strategies are considered, optimized and finally utilized to see which one is most suitable for the type, scale and category of businesses.


Tata Communications, through its services, its present all across the world. In order to manage the environment which involves interoperability of OEM equipments and the heterogeneity associated with them, Tata Communications has over 1000 sites with different telephone systems configurations to maintain different contracts. Because of a distributed workforce amongst clients, Tata Communications seamlessly connects users keeping in mind voice regualtions and centralized administration needs.

Being a global company, Tata Communications has its roots in the emerging markets and has headquarters in Singapore and is a 3.8 billion dollar company listed on the BSE and NSE of India. Tata Communications is also the most important and biggest arm of the 100+ billion dollar Tata Group. A presence in over 200 countries allows Tata Communications to diversify its business interests in the technology space.


Tata Communications has focused on promotion, even though it is a B2B services company. Generating majority of its revenue outside India, Tata Communications being a technologies services provider banks heavily on online media marketing and the usage of social media for promotional activities. It also invests in Liaoning with B to B clients for the major chunk of tis business. Ad Cognito and embedded advertisements as well as product placement as well as ATL and BTL promotional means are adopted for marketing and advertising needs. It leverages the fact that it is the only tier one provider in the 5 continents in terms of internet routes and close to one fourth of the internet routes in the world are on Tata’s networks

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Tata Communications.


Tata Communications is a people centric company. In more than 35+ countries with an employee strength of more than 8500 employees, Tata Communications relies heavily on the right people for servicing the wide array of needs of its clients. It invests heavily in training and development and recruits form the best institutes to make teams which delivers high quality output and attain the profit targets set for each fiscal year.


Tata Communications has many frameworks and business processes which help the company deliver its services to clients. A unified communications service stack includes end points, which includes voice, video and smart devices; applications, including those of collaborative, productive, media oriented and those required for integration with business applications. At the heart of its process lies their intent to service and fulfil expectations related to installation and fulfilment, configurations and testing, tools for monitoring networks, campus servers and their utilization as well as testing. Tata Communications provides such services as IP Networks solutions, IP telephony servers, Integrations service for PBX and manages services for IP backbone. Its service delivery processes include an important element – Cloud to deploy integrations services.

Physical Evidence:

Tata Communications has a service portfolio which includes global MPLS virtual private networks, reliable high speed connections and Telepresence services, content delivery networks, DDoS mitigation and detection service. A wide range of network services, good reach and technology partners, Tata Communications is at the forefront of all information technology and data needs of companies. It has mapped very well the scalability, flex and intelligence needs of companies of futures. For developing and developed economies in close to 38 countries have felt the technological presence of Tata Communications as a digital enabler. Hence, this concludes the Tata Communications marketing mix.

About Tata Communications:

A leading telecommunications provider which serves the data, voice, carrier and service needs of consumers and enterprises all over the world, Tata Communications, which was earlier known as Videsh Sanchar Nigam in 2002, it is the world’s leading voice operator internationally in the wholesale segment and also the biggest long distance communications provider in India along with internet services as well as enterprise data. Globally with a turn around ratio of 1 in10 calls, Tata Communications is the largest voice carrier for wholesale provider carrying 53 billion voice minutes internationally. Close to 70% telecommunications companies use the networks provided by Tata Communications.


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