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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

HR Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Millennials February 05, 2016

Why is it that the software industry has a high attrition rate? A study on the IT industry showed that it is crucial for an employer to ensure that the value system of their employees is in consonance with the values of the organization. If not, the employee may either change his values or quit the organization. This is where human resource management intervention becomes primarily important.


A Much Needed Makeover of HR February 05, 2016

We see almost every function in an enterprise is progressing towards the use of latest technology. For example data engineering, market apps, websites etc. being used for marketing. However, apart from a few exceptions, HR is still rooted to its traditional methods. HR till date is considered as a facilitator and not as a decision maker in many organizations. A research shows that only 30% of business leaders believe that HR can make sound decisions; only 22% believe that HR is adapting to the changing workforce needs.


Performance Appraisal - Steps, Methods and the Way Forward February 05, 2016

“Its that time of the year” said Dean, turning to his spouse.

“Expectation is a recipe for disaster” replied Sue.

“This time i am surely going to hit the nail on the head”.

Fastforward. Dean sits at his workstation looking haggard, dejection etched across his face. All confidence shattered, demotivated beyond the pit of self recognition. The seed of doubt planted, sprouting into a question against his own abilities and the option of resignation swirled in his head.


Quantifying HRM:The New Strategic Decision Maker February 05, 2016

Human Resource Managers have come a long way since the dark ages, from being only human ‘liabilities’ managers to human ‘resource’ managers to people managers to strategic business partners. They have been constantly rebranding themselves from reactive functions to pro-active functions. With the advent of technology and analytical tools, HR Managers have not only been able to quantify their contributions, but also project their achievements of translating investments into profits, and hence instead of asking for a seat at the table, they now own the table, make strategic decisions with the board and are highly valued for their two – fold abilities: being able to analyse data to make predictions and being excellently intuitive in decision making since they are also sensitive to the psychology of the average employee.


Creating New Knowledge in the Class Room February 05, 2016

Creating New Knowledge in the Class Room is one of the major challenges with organizations and institutions are facing. Large number of corporate scandals, employability gap and decrease in responsibility among today’s youth have shown that there is a lacuna in the present day curriculum. And the prescribed content in the curriculum has not reached the other end as intended. The two major factors responsible are substandard education and lack of moral and ethical values. B schools in particular have to keep this in mind since they manufacture managers.


Performance Management- Just Carrot & Stick or Something More February 05, 2016

The day when performance rating gets disclosed to employees, there is typical behaviour observed. Everybody wants to check their own ratings without somebody else knowing it. At the same time the person tries to spy on other’s system to know other’s rating. As the day progress, somebody initiate the topic and small cartel gets formed. This cartel then asks every other team member to login into system and show the ratings.


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