Quantitative Variable

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Definition: Quantitative Variable

A quantitative variable is a variable which can have some numerical value i.e. it can be represented in numbers. Also, arithmetic operations can be performed on these variables i.e. even after performing operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, we get some number as the result.

These variables can also be compared with each other to obtain meaningful results. Quantitative variables can be of two types – discrete and continuous. Discrete variables have whole numbers as their values whereas continuous variables can even have values in between the whole numbers.

In the above number line, ‘x’ is a discrete variable and ‘a’ is continuous variable.

Eg- There are 4 apples in the basket. Here, the number of apples is a discrete variable

Temperature is 35.5 degree C. Here, temperature is a continuous variable.

In statistics, frequency of an observation is used as a quantitative variable. Frequency will always be represented by numbers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Quantitative Variable along with its overview.

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