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Top Under Armour Competitors & Similar Companies

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Under Armour is a manufacturer of footwear, sportswear and casual apparel based in United States of America. The company was started in 1996 by a 23-year old Kevin Plank in Washington DC who later moved the operations to Baltimore. Under Armour is most famous for being the market pioneer in moisture-absorbing and innovative apparel for sportspersons.

In any business, there are several companies & brands which compete with each other by offering similar products & services.

For any company to thrive, it is not only important for them to improve their own products, but to also look at what their competitor is offering.

Below we look at the top 12 competitors of Under Armour.

1. Nike:

Found in 1964, Nike is an American conglomerate has its presence in engaged in manufacturing, design, development, and worldwide marketing and sales of apparel, footwear, equipment, accessories and services. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of athletic shoes, sportswear and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. With its presence worldwide Nike markets its products under its own brand, as well as Nike+, Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike Blazers, Air Jordan, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, Air Max, Foamposite, etc.

2. Reebok:

Reebok is known for its quality footwear and apparels. It produces fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear, including clothing and footwear for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Reebok is Founded by JW Foster in England in 1895 and later expanded its network around the world.

3. New Balance:

New Balance is an American footwear manufacturing company. It is based in Brighton near Boston. The company was founded in 1906 by William J Riley and it mainly manufactures sports footwear and is a well-known brand in the world.

4. Converse:

Converse is one of the most iconic footwear companies in the world. Founded in 1908, it has set forth a legacy of rich design for the modern youth. It was founded by Marquis M and Converse and is among the most favorite brands of athletes.

5. Puma:

Puma is a brand known for its sports and fitness products in all categories including shoes, shirts, jackets, accessories etc. It has made its presence around the world by opening company owned stores and by franchise model. Puma was first established in Germany after the split between the shoe company of two brothers Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler, from with Rudolf established Puma and Adolf established Adidas.

6. Fila:

Fila is one of the major company in lifestyle segment producing sportswear and sports goods and a prominent brand in the athletic arena. Fila had its origin in Biealla in Italy with Giansevero Fila as its founder in the year 1909. The company holdings were later transferred to Cerberus Capital Management in the year 2003 who were committed to promoting the athletic brand.

7. Bata:

Bata is one of the oldest brand in the shoe industry originated from Lausanne, Switzerland founded in 1894. In 1914 company had a significant number of orders due to military orders during World War I. From that point of time Bata had grown tremendously in world market.

8. Liberty Shoes:

Liberty shoes was established by the name of Pal Boot House by its founders Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das Gupta and Rajkumar Bansal and started out as small manufacturing unit that produced 4 pair of shoes per day. Liberty shoes set up its first factory in 1982 and manufactured products at par with its global competitors and sell it in the domestic market of India. Liberty shoes manufactured and distributed its products exclusively in India till 1983.

9. Adidas:

Adidas is one of the world’s largest sports goods and accessories manufacturer. Adi Dassler registered the “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” in 1924 with a mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment since then. Adidas is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany and it employees 54,000+ people.

10. Umbro:

Umbro is England based sportswear company established in 1920, on the outskirts of Manchester, by the Humphrey Brothers- Harold and Wallace Humphrey. The name of Umbro originated from the ‘um’ in Humphrey and ‘bro’ in Brothers. The main focus of the brand is on football related apparel, kits, equipments and boots.

11. Woodland:

Woodland which is defined by the soul of adventure launched its products in India in 1992 under the parent company aero group. Woodland is famous for launching products with the new innovative technologies in order to fulfil the expedition of adventure during outdoor activities. The Woodland’s logo - the tree defines the sync of enthralling adventure with the preservation of environment.

12. ASICS:

“Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, a phrase in Latin which means “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”, has been the brand’s stimulus behind the name. Kihachiro Onitsuka, from Japan, started the company in 1949 with manufacture of basketball shoes and initially named the company after his name, Onitsuka Co. Ltd.

To conclude, the above article highlights the various competitors which compete with Under Armour. This understanding helps to evaluate the various external business factors for any company.

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