Cadbury Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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Marketing Mix of Cadbury analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Cadbury marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Let us start the Cadbury Marketing Mix:


The product range of Cadbury is pretty large and they make it count. The products in the marketing mix of Cadbury are classified according to the seasons and they are also varied according to the sales in each country. There are a lot of standard products which are there. The other Cadbury products are based on festive occasions like Halloween and Christmas. The products are not only related to the chocolates but there are other products like beverages and desserts, which are also in their product line. We find that Cadbury also prefers to segregate the products according to the demographic areas. The Cadbury company has ventured into the ice-cream segment and biscuits. With such a huge product line up we can gauge the targeted customer base and they carter to a lot of people and their needs. There are a lot of Cadbury products namely Bournville, Crunchie, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, Caramel, Cadbury Five Star, Perk, BournVita, Bytes, Pretzel, Crème Egg, Oreo, Blackcurrant Mini Rolls, Caramel Cake Bars, Fruit Sundae, Brunch Hazelnut, etc. among the huge product list. Cadbury has made a huge impact in this industry and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

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Cadbury products are priced as per the quality of them. The prices are high for a few products like Bournville and there are products which are priced low to carter to the needs of the other segments. These items are like Eclairs, Perk, Five Star. The marketing mix pricing strategy of Cadbury depends on competition, demand and packages. They also have other options for the people which is according to the size of the products. Cadbury has strategically placed the price of the products so that all the targeted segments can be met. We find that the products are compiled into gifts package so that they can be available to the people. They are mainly targeted for the festive seasons and these products are priced strategically so that the customers have an affinity to buy them. Constant marketing of Cadbury products have made sure that they reach to the people with different taste buds and also carter to the friendliness of the purse. Health drinks like Bournvita are also priced keeping in mind the targeted customers


Cadbury products of the available all over the world. The main way Cadbury has made a huge impact in the global market is just because of the distribution channel it has. The company has made sure that their products are available all over the world and the carter to a huge customer base. The products are available both in the urban and rural areas. We find that this has helped in a way for the company. The places of distribution has made the products available to a lot of customers and the in turn has generated a profit for the company both in terms of customer base and the revenue. Cadbury is a worldwide name and has made its name in almost more than 200 countries. This shows the distribution channel and the places where it has made its product reach. This gives an overview on the place and distribution strategy in the marketing mix of Cadbury.


Cadbury has a wide range of ways of promoting itself. We find that the promotion strategy in the marketing mix is done through the television, posters, newspaper, online, radio. We have seen that the company has made great efforts to make its product reach the people and make the people aware of it items. There are various kinds of taglines which are attached with various brands of Cadbury. In India, Cadbury has “kuch meeta ho jai” which shows that the brand is trying to promote itself in the market of sweets. Again for a different brand like Bourneville we find that the company wants it to be something like “you earn it.” The company also has various brand ambassadors for various types of products so that each of them is used to make an impression in the mind of the people. Cadbury has not left any stones unturned to promote itself. This concludes the Cadbury marketing mix.

About Cadbury:

Cadbury is a British multinational confectionary which is completely owned by the American company Mondelez International. Cadbury brand is considered as the second largest brand after Wrigley. The company is famous for its Dairy milk chocolates which is renowned all over the world. In 1824 John Cadbury opened a grocers shop in Birmingham and he started selling cocoa and chocolate for drinking. This is how the Cadbury company started. By 1831, he decided to take this company forward and start making things for commercial purpose. He bought a factory and started his venture for the commercial success. Cadbury has never looked backed since then. It kept on moving forward and made huge impacts in the industry taking big strides towards what it is today. Cadbury diversified the products and started targeting a wide customer base.


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