Oreo Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix of Oreo analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Oreo marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Let us start the Oreo Marketing Mix:


Oreo is a leading biscuit brand which has its presence spread over hundreds of countries. The major product of Oreo is the two chocolate wafers separated by cream filling famously known as the Chocolate Sandwich. However there has been greater development in terms of launching different variants of the Oreo product to cater larger customer needs. They vary in shape, flavour and some of them are different from the sandwich cookies. Some of the notable Oreo product range in its marketing mix include:

• Double Stuffed Oreo

• Sugar free Oreo

• Golden Oreo

• Oreo Thins

• Flavors: Green Tea, Lemon, Orange Ice Cream, Fruit Punch

• Oreo Fudges, Jell-O Oreo, Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

The major factor was the design of the products of different varieties which has attracted large customer base for the product. Also the packaging for Oreo products have played a significant role in increasing the popularity of the product. Oreo products are generally perceived to have better taste and the promotion of dunk and dip cookie have further enhanced this feature.

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Prices of Oreo products are on the lower level to meet the competitor’s pricing strategy. There has been lot of competition for the brand, however meeting the expectation in terms of value offerings the products have succeeded in capturing the market share. Initially Oreo opted for lower marketing price strategy to gain higher market share in countries like India. Later when the popularity of the Oreo increased in such newly entered market it increased the pricing of the products. The variation in packing sizes sold at different prices also helped the brand to gain better leverage in terms of volume across the country. Oreo was mainly initially launched to capture the urban market share hence there has been slight increase in the prices of the product.


Oreo uses the widely distributed established network of Mondelez for making the products available to its consumers. There are manufacturing facilities available at each of the continents for different Oreo products meeting the needs and sensibilities of the customer. It has been estimated that Oreo has been made available in almost 100 different countries across the world. The sales and marketing team ensures that the product is sold through right distribution channel as a part of its marketing mix distribution strategy. In India the traditional channel through which each of this products are sold includes shopping malls, centres, mom and pops stores, retail outlets etc. This has increased the accessibility and reach of the product across the country which includes both rural and urban areas.


The consumers relate the brand mainly to dunk and dip cookies with reach cream and strong flavour. Also the distinguished packing in terms of design also helps the consumer in identifying the brand easily. Oreo has strongly used the visual media in terms of television and print media advertising where Oreo has become more recognizable. It targets youth and children alike with its concept of advertisement. There has been good promotion on terms of store display and outdoor campaigns during the initial launch of brand across different countries. Social media is another platform being used by the brand to reach its target consumers. Movie celebrities have been roped in who have endorsed the brand in India. It is one of the rare products which have been launched a century ago but has gained prominence in recent decades with aggressive and change in marketing strategy. Hence this concludes Oreo marketing mix.

About Oreo:

Oreo is one of the most popular brand of cookies which was first sold in the year 1912 by National Biscuit Company today known as the Nabisco. Oreo has a popular image of two chocolate wafers with sweet crème filling in between and is known as the Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Today the brand is sold by Mondelez across the world. It has been one of the bestselling cookies the globe since its introduction with large number of fans devoted for the product. Oreo has also been sold in combination with other products including ice creams variants across different fast food chains.


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