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MTN Marketing Mix (4Ps) & Marketing Strategy

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Here is the marketing strategy of MTN which analyzes the brand with the marketing mix framework which covers the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

MTN Product Strategy:

The product strategy and mix in MTN marketing strategy can be explained as follows:

MTN offers various products & services and is in the expanding phase. It is taking strides to make itself a force to reckon with in the world. The MTN products are mainly the ones of the telecommunication company, which are the product strategy in its marketing mix. MTN have the voice and data plan. They have successfully connected 22 countries of Africa and Middle East. They aim to empower each and every customer irrespective of customer or business. MTN have introduced products like MTN Roam Like Home, which allows the customer to use the services without any kind of extra roaming cost. The business services also has a lot of aspects like MTN Cloud, Infrastructure, Network, Software and Enterprise Mobility. MTN also have made the customers use the Mobile Money, so that they can make allow the customers to shop online using this method. The company has tied up with various key players to get this services to the customers. MTN also have a lot of other services like the games, music, lifestyle services, etc. which is available in the MTN Play.

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MTN Price/Pricing Strategy:

Below is the pricing strategy in MTN marketing mix strategy:

MTN has adopted a varying pricing structure in diverse packages to satisfy the customers. The company not only looks into the fact that they need to satisfy the customer, which is needed to a certain extent, but also looks to the profitability of itself.

Affordable prices are offered to make the people take a heed of the products offered by MTN. They also have offers like MTN magic numbers which allows the customer to make free calls all through the day. There is like a CUG scheme which allows the customers to make calls at a cheaper rate to the five family of friends. There are other schemes which allows the customer to make phone calls at a cheap rate but not as cheap as the CUG type scheme. The data plans are also made easily available to customers so that they can pick and choose the type of plan which suits them. They are priced in such a way that they are attractive. This gives an overview of the MTN marketing mix pricing strategy.

MTN Place & Distribution Strategy:

Following is the distribution strategy in the MTN marketing mix:

MTN has made its product available all through the countries of Africa and Middle East. We find that MTN makes sure that the products are available to the customers readily irrespectively of the places where they are. They form a reliable source and sufficient channels of distribution. They have an unaffected source of services, so that they make their customers happy. This is a way of keeping the customers happy. MTN have the recharge cards easily available to the people and also the same case with the other products of the company. The company believes that the happy customers are the secret to the success of the company. MTN makes sure, that they provide a supply of continuous network to each and every customers it has.

Thus the company has made it products almost at all the places where it has its customers.

MTN Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

The promotional and advertising strategy in the MTN marketing mix is as follows:

MTN has been promoting itself in a heavy way. They mainly use the posters. The areas of Africa are covered with the hoardings. MTN have extensively marketed their brand. The company makes sure that the people are aware of their services. They are also promoting themselves through the word of mouth. They make the customers satisfied, that in turn makes the promotion indirectly. They also sponsor the most popular game in the country, i.e. football. MTN make sure the talents are nurtured properly. They sponsor the MTN Joyous Celebration. This is a great way to promote them among the people. They are getting to know about the brand. In the cycling event they also have a good no of sponsorship encouraging the people to take up cycling as a part of fitness. These various activities are good enough for the promotion of the company among the people.

Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of MTN.


Every customer is directly related to the MTN company. The people who are not directly related to the company are also being effected by the company through the other activities which are conducted by them. Hence, customers, employees, management, workers, everyone contributes to the prosperity and growth of the company. Every worker and employee adds to the profitability and value of the company directly or indirectly.


The processes of MTN is a standardized one. The process is well documented as it is followed all over the world. MTN even though has the standardized documentation, we find that they are customising their products according to the need of the customers. Each and every customer have a kind of preference. This is how they make their customers satisfied and their loyalty is maintained. For simplicity, the functions of the company are carefully segregated based on the inter-connection.

Physical Evidence:

MTN provides physical evidence through the website. The company has physical evidence through the sim cards. They also have handsets which are a source of physical evidence. The company gives gifts to the customers and the employees also. This is a way of providing the evidence to the people. Hence, this concludes the marketing mix of MTN.

About MTN:

MTN group formally known as the M-Cell, is a South Africa based multinational mobile telecommunication company, headquartered in Johannesburg. The company has made it presence felt in many of the countries of the major continent of the world like Asia, Europe, and Africa. MTN was started in the year 1994, the same year which ushered a new era for the nation with the first non-racial voting. The company was an unexpected success. MTN made huge strides forward. They made sure that they are the number one in the continent.

They spend billions to get the state of the art equipment and to spread their services all over the African continent. Today MTN connects 22 countries including Africa and Middle East.

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