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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

Organizational Culture & The Game of Change March 04, 2016

Change everyone accepts is an inevitable reality of any business environment. Change in leadership, change in microenvironment in which an organization operates, change in external forces like competition are all very common, however recent times have seen a paradigm shift in organizational culture that views employees as the most important resource for gaining competitive advantage.


People Analytics- Uberization in HR March 01, 2016

Uberization is has started permeating every aspect of business worldwide. Uberization means disrupting an existing business model by the way of technology. Be it marketing or finance, analytics is proving to be a lot more helpful than expected and now the time has come for it to enter the most manual function of any business, i.e. Human Resources.


Artificial Intelligence and the field of Human Resources February 17, 2016

This article focuses on how Artificial Intelligence is invading the field of HR. In the present VUCA scenario, even a little careless attitude may lead an organization towards death. The competition may be in the form of products, services, resources or technology. Thus, while companies pay good attention towards enhancing their products and services, they should not forget the human resources that form the backbone of the organization.


Competency Mapping - A Search For Excellence February 05, 2016

In the competitive era companies are putting the great efforts to hire competent employees and to expand related competencies in their existing employees. In this way companies try to win over other companies. In current economy where resources and talent are limited and companies are fighting for the same so it becomes more important for the organizations to update and re-evaluate their competencies and also they have to take initiative for necessary changes. Thus competency mapping is becoming the need of organization to fight competition.


Exploiting CSR & Triple Bottom Line for Future Business February 05, 2016

The year 1972 saw the inception of a major document that emerged from the halls of the body that was formed post world war two to maintain peace and harmony in the world. The United Nations released the Declaration on the Human Environment- the first document through which the international community recognised the environmental problem at hand, and the need for a sustainable development process. Much deliberation, insightful arguments and future oriented action plans led to the birth of such a document that would govern mankind. Recognition of the problem was a major first step, formulating a means to prevent the impending dangers and its implications were the major iceberg. The phenomenon of Corporate Social Responsibility was brought in to ensure companies across the globe bring in a major aspect into their business; the aspect of social awareness and indulgence of companies towards the betterment of society.


Increase in Female Professionals in Top Management- Reality or Myth February 05, 2016

The increase in the number of female professionals at Top Management has really been an important topic in the world of business. The dearth of the fairer gender at the top echelons of organizations isn’t a matter of stagger anymore. This ubiquitous problem has been a constant subject of debate for years, with no definite answer yet. The roots of this problem are so penetrated into the mix of organizations, just hacking the leaves of existing societal norms won’t effectuate any change. A turnaround would take place by reorienting mindsets and modifying organizational setups. There is no single reason for women shortfall at senior level positions but solutions can be strategized by analyzing those prevalent issues only.


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