Cold Canvassing - Meaning & Definition

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What is Cold Canvassing?

Cold Canvassing is a sales tactic that is widely used across the industry. It is deployed to identify customers who may be interested in purchasing some particular goods and services. This process is also termed as Cold Calling. The target consumers are located without any hard-core segmentation as it is at the end of the complete process that one gets to know whether the target audience is interested in a product or a service or not. Cold canvassing can be done by paying a cold visit or an introductory telephonic call. It is commonly used by financial service providers and telecom companies.

Cold Canvassing takes place on the premise that the target prospect does not know about a product or a service and is not expecting to be approached by the parent company. The primary purpose of contacting a prospective customer through this method is to introduce the target audience to the company and its products and services. It also opens up further opportunities to improve the customer’s knowledge about the company.

The principal goal here is not to sell anything but to gather information. Sales are preceded by understanding a consumer’s needs, checking their awareness levels and providing them more information.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Cold Canvassing along with its overview.

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