Marketing Exposure - Meaning & Definition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: October 08, 2014

What is Marketing Exposure?

Degree to which a company’s target market is exposed to the company’s communications about its product/ services, initiatives etc is called Marketing Exposure.

Companies first strategize to find the right set of customer that they want to target by analysing their needs and then formulate the benefits of the product/service in their product communication/ Campaigns. This process is also called segmenting and then targeting the selected segment of the market by positioning your product in such a way that appeals to yours targeted segment.

To make sure that the end consumers are aware about the product it is very important for the companies to have a good and balanced Marketing exposure. It is also very important for every company to integrate their marketing communication on all the channels and make sure that the theme of the message that they are giving on every channel is same and do not contradict with each other. To do this companies first look out for the channels where their target segment could be found, and then prioritising those channels on the basis of effectiveness. After doing that they come out with their campaigns on those channels. E.g. Companies like Puma do not air their ads on TV, since they know that their target segment that are sports and fashion enthusiast spend most of their time online, and that is where they target their segment.


Nike with its healthy marketing exposure has created a good perception about their brand that it is a sports brand. Its Swoosh logo is one of the most popular logo and can be easily recognized by anyone, this had been made possible because of right exposure created by the brand. Also the channels that they choose are sports events, TV broadcasting of sports, digital platforms for sports enthusiasts etc. where their market segment are most found.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing Exposure along with its overview.

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