Outdoor Advertising

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Definition: Outdoor Advertising

Advertising done outdoors to promote goods/ services and are meant to reach the customer while they are “on the go” outside their home is called outdoor advertising.

Companies after determining where their target segment could be found in an outdoor setting, place their ads in that locale, vehicles etc.

One of the most famous outdoor ads is that of Mc Donalds chain their M sign is visible from a distance and can be easily recognized by the people that it’s McDonalds and helps the chain in attracting more customers.

There are many types of outdoor advertising:

Billboards, Transits, wallscape, street furniture, digital signage etc.

Companies often have to bid for these places in order to acquire it and place their ads on to it. Billboards and outdoor advertising boards / hoardings are located on freeways, highways, main roads, outside shopping malls, railway stations, on top of buildings etc


The famous billboard war between Audi and BMW was also an example of how important outdoor ads are for the companies.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Outdoor Advertising along with its overview.


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