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Active Marketing - Meaning & Definition

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What is Active Marketing?

Active marketing involves proactive actions on the part of the marketer to connect and engage with potential customers in order to build relationship and trust and to create a following.

It is also called outbound marketing and includes:

Online activities like interacting with customers on social networking sites by organising online competitions or simply engaging customers in dialogue, replying to comments on blog, sending personalised emails etc

Offline activities like cold calling potential customers, organizing promotional events/functions, conducting face to face interviews etc

Elge Premeau, an e-marketing strategist, suggested using active marketing in three conditions:

1. Marketers are more likely to follow active marketing strategies when the product is categorised as a ‘want’ and not ‘need’. Need based products follow a pull strategy; Customers come looking for them. ‘Want’ based products have to be actively marketed to make customers aware of the offering.

2. When customers do not know the existence of your product/service, marketers will have to actively engage potential customers in conversation, , online chat etc to get their product/service to be noticed. They aim at creating a buzz in order to leave significant impact on customers.

3. When the sale cycle is long then marketers need to look out for potential customers, educate them on the after sale services, discounts, benefits, other offerings and convince them that the product/service is the best in market; So it involves active marketing.

The marketing strategy which is usually followed is not strictly active or passive but a judicial mix of both.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Active Marketing along with its overview.

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