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What is Advertiser?

An advertiser is a person, group or organization that disseminates messages about a particular brand to build preferences towards the brand or to generate brand awareness among the people. Depending on the cost-effectiveness, the medium used may be online/offline or a combination of both.

Developing an advertising program should always start form the basics: identifying the target group and the buyer motives. Then, the objectives have to set:

• Mission: The advertising objectives

• Money: The advertising budget

• Message: To be communicated

• Media: The medium of communication to be used (offline/online/both)

• Measurement: How to evaluate the results

Definition – Explain – Example

Setting the objective is very important. Advertising objectives can be classified based on their aim as follows:

• Informative advertising: To create brand awareness of new products and knowledge of the characteristics of already existing products, e.g. an ad featuring the stain removal features of a detergent.

• Persuasive advertising: To crate liking and ultimately, purchase of a brand. For this, the brand may compare itself with another brand and try to establish its superiority, e.g., Dove soap, which compares its use of cream to maintain softness of the skin which seemingly, other brands do not provide.

• Reminder advertising: To stimulate repeat purchase of products/services, e.g., front-page ads on newspapers or colourful ads in leading magazines.

• Reinforcement advertising: To convince current purchasers that they have made the right choice, e.g., automobile companies coming out with ‘Car of the Year’ ads showing satisfied customers.

The current performance of the brand should be kept in mind while designing the ad.

If the product is at the mature stage of the lifecycle, or is the market leader, or brand usage is low, the objective is to persuade more new customers. If the product is new, is not the market leader, but believes it is superior to the leader, the aim is to convince people of the brand’s superiority and to induce switching.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertiser along with its overview.

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